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Saturn-Neptune and Politics

The global ideological landscape is clearly influenced by a complex resonance of cyclical trends. Analyzing planetary cycles.

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Neptune Moves On…

We have been through very thick fog indeed. In multiple spheres of life, the Neptunian glamour may have manifested in its most unrefined form.

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Neptune vs Uranus: Redemption or Revolution?

After a long period in which deep Capricornian ‘conservatism’ and ‘traditionalism’ have been heavily exposed, a great awakening lies ahead.

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Healing & Realization

Are we rounding the corner of a long struggle with destiny? Let’s embrace the energetic shifts which are about to occur…

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US Election Update

A very interesting situation is unfolding in the USA. As the world watches with mixed feelings, the country remains uncertain about its future.

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Planetary Awakening of Lightforce

The vision of a new society becomes clearer these days. This is the result of the great ‘Capricornian’ awakening’…

Astrology Financial Horoscope

The Eurozone Under Stress

The Eurozone will enter a new phase soon. What can we expect?


Gemini – Virgo & American History

The history of the USA revolves around Mutable signs. What can past events tell us about the future of the nation?

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USA Horoscope: a Long Presidency Ahead?

What to expect from the next US Presidency? Let’s have a look at the astrological configurations which will rule Inauguration Day.