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A Tough Ride Ahead

A quick look at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration Astrology chart. How deeply can we see through its dramatic signature?

USA Presidential Inauguration Biden Mundane Astrology Horoscope
USA Presidential Inauguration
January 20th 2021 11:49 EST Washington DC

Let’s start from the fact that I’m not American, so I don’t ‘cheer’ for any political side. From an astrological point of view, I am fascinated by the archetypal war which has been raging all across, the understanding of which can really tell us a lot.
As I’ve written in ‘Neptune vs Uranus: Redemption or Revolution’, the current social split is not only painful, but deeply evolutionary. We have assisted to the raging clash between ‘messianic illusion’ and ‘revolutionary shakeup’. As expected, the revolutionary side gained and continues to earn enormous popularity, heavily denting the messianic side which eventually made its way through the administrative process. I’ve been writing for months that Trump is in a ‘socially-expansive phase’. Just look at the worldwide movement he has just created. We may either agree or disagree with it, because of its inherent ‘Uranian’ reactivity; however, we have to acknowledge the existence of a new major current which connects a huge number of people all over the world. That Uranian clash has just begun in the skies, and it will be accompanying the Earthly reality for quite a while. Unfortunately and very sadly, that current includes extremists, who are only able to express violence and hatred for their own lives. Don’t forget that the very same extremism co-exists on both sides of this coin. In astrology we thankfully learn to look at the bi-polar nature of Creation. Now more than ever we should become aware of the co-existence of opposing archetypes at any time in history.

As I wrote for months, the most interesting astrological considerations are not about who would enter the White House, but about the dual-sided mass psychological phenomenon which has been developing all over the world. Now this planet is split between those who see this Aquarian shift as a breakup from the fear of 2020 and those who see it as a reason to equalize the people through new large-scale regularization. Nobody can say who’s right or wrong with absolute certainty, because reality can be different from what you believe it to be. During my illuminating journeys to India I learned about the mythological concept of ‘Maya’, the illusion of life. In fact, life is represented by what you ‘constantly perceive’, and without that physical perception, existence as we know it would simply cease to ‘be’.

The difficulties endured by the current generations will pave the way for a different future. In the long term I’m sure it will be brighter for all; however, as shown by this Inauguration chart, the road is long, dangerous and irregular.

What stands out is a prominent 10th House, filled with a Sun-Saturn-Jupiter cluster. I agree on the fact that its powerful Aquarian signature is interesting and that it does look like a blow of fresh air. However, heavy disturbances from the 12th don’t really make it as friendly and serene. What strikes me, and should strike every astrologer on this planet, is the angular placement of Pluto over the MC. I’m not an advocate of traditionalist astrological views, so I don’t believe in ‘malefic’ planets, nonetheless a deeply emotional and power-oriented signature belongs to the status of this chart. Liz Greene wrote about Pluto journeys never being ‘fun’, no matter how modern an astrologer you like to be seen as. Biden himself is a Plutonian person, with a Scorpio Sun hidden in the 12th House, and Pluto + chart ruler Jupiter in the 8th. I can tell you his chart is not an easy one, in fact he didn’t really have an easy life after all.

As I’ve mentioned briefly, another important factor is the presence of that Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th. It is quite a thorny signature for such an important event, no doubt about it. Which side of this crazy struggle it actually represents is not my interest or concern, but we can’t deny the fact that hidden influences will affect this Presidency for sure. With the Moon just 7 degrees away from that conjunction, its secondary progression will bring it right through that Fixed planetary storm later this year.
Beautiful isn’t it?
What are we actually looking at here? Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead but, as forecasted months ago by the most respectable astrologers, this chart is not an easy one. Great disruption and coercion are embedded into its planetary patterns. Where and whom that coercion will come from is a mystery as of now, but it’s written right there. It doesn’t necessarily mean that things are likely to be perceived as negative or that more fear will afflict this crazy historical time, but perhaps that the new administration is going to face major, historical challenges. As I wrote months ago, the alignment of that 1st quarter Soli-Lunar phase with the ongoing Fixed square speaks volumes about a major split between the government and the people. I think everybody can see that by themselves. The unprecedented popular split is likely to pose major challenges for this administration. Also, that Void-of-course Moon in the 12th House applying to a shaky and reactive Mars-Uranus conjunction (so tight!), should make us think that a large part of popular consensus will be unstable and possibly grow more ‘detached’ from the Presidential 10th House cluster. Don’t forget that Biden is going through a Pluto opposition to his chart ruler and a transit of Neptune across his IC as of now.
There is a lot of pressure on him, and it’s not of an exciting type.

Another interesting fact is that the current opposition of Pluto to national Mercury across 23-24 Capricorn/Cancer is here brought onto the meridian axis. This is no little thing at all. In other words, the Inauguration IC coincides with national Mercury. This is deeply related to the large amount of dissent which has arisen from the election dispute. The IC is symbolically rooted onto the territory and its people. That Pluto-Mercury struggle is embedded into this Inauguration. It speaks of administrative and information-related issues. That’s pure mundane Mercury-Pluto symbolism. Interestingly, Biden’s 8th House Jupiter (shared wealth and moral judgement) is conjunct that troubled Inauguration IC. We have to say that the same crazy area of the zodiac which has ruled over the 2020 pandemic and the election dispute is still there, quite public for everyone to see. It will be interesting to see how that configuration plays out.

A nicer influence seems to appear in that Aquarian Mercury over the 11th cusp. It is quite communicative and open-minded I would say, especially because it combines with the Nodes via soft aspects. However, let’s not forget that Neptune stands nervously a semi-sextile away, itself having facilitated the popular division, glamorously squaring the Nodes throughout the last few months!
Last but not least, in early February we will have an inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction (which means that Mercury will be retrograde) at 20 Aquarius. Inauguration Mercury is harmoniously placed (overall) but it will go through some form of checkup.
I know many people are rightfully excited about this chart, and I am happy to see smiles rather than anger around, but this chart seems to be more of a ‘divisive’ than a ‘healing’ one. For the nation, with a Pluto return and another Neptune opposition ahead of itself, two major phases are reproduced soon (1776 and 1861). The unity of the States might even be at stake. I know this seems miles away from what the world feels today, but remember that those long-term evolutionary phases are still ahead and are not perceived right-away.
Hopefully it won’t go that far…
I would invite everybody to look at this chart’s symbolism responsibly, acknowledging the difficulties this country sees ahead of itself. Probably, the dark side of life sadly exists simply because it allows us to grow stronger and brighter.

Let’s hope for the best, and what could help EVERYBODY, and the beautiful UNITED States of America 🇺🇸

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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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Thank you for a thought provoking article. Not to detract from your analysis, I’d like to make some additional points and hopefully further the discussion.

The Inauguration chart has Jupiter-Saturn on one side and Pluto conjunct on the other side of the Sun. It seems to me the Jupiter-Saturn may correspond to the more traditional side of the Biden administration, whereas Pluto seems to relate to radical elements that are clearly exercising greater influence within this administration.

Also, the Inauguration chart Sun is straddled by Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius. I wonder if this speaks to the shadow side of Aquarius. A phenomenon we’re seeing now is “woke culture,” that demonizes others who don’t conform to its views and attempts to dictate what or how people “should” think. As an example is Critical Race Theory or CRT, which is being taught in our schools and which is generating intense backlash across the country from mothers of the children attending them.

Regarding the Neptune opposition and its correlation with the U.S. Civil War, it seems to me that the Uranus return which occurred at the beginning of the Civil War is important also. The war was fought over the issue of freedom from slavery and Southern states sought to secede from the union, which fits the Uranus archetype. If I had the time, it would be interesting to read a book on the Civil War period to identify correlations with the Neptune opposition and what it may reveal about the current one. The U.S. Mars is t-square the Neptune -Neptune opposition. We are at war internally, not a boots on the ground kind, but an information war. As Sun Tzu said: “The art of war is based on deception.”

The Pluto transit to the U.S. Mercury, as you’ve pointed out, is highly significant also given its connection to the MC/IC of the Inauguration chart, as well as the U.S. natal Mercury-Pluto opposition. The mainstream media and Big Tech in the U.S. is, with few exceptions, aligned with the interests of one political party and serves its agenda. They are no longer news organizations who exist for the purpose of informing the citizenry. Censorship of parties who have dissenting views from the official government and party narratives is widespread. We saw this suppression of information or misinformation leading up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as well as the media’s coverage of Covid 19. It seems to me that the government use of psyops and the use of propaganda is under Mercury-Pluto. I find it interesting that this opposition is straddling the Inauguration chart’s MC-IC axis. 51% of the voters are now questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. So, yes, this administration is facing major historical challenges, first and foremost of which is its very legitimacy, as we are seeing a call for complete forensic audits across the country.

Hello Helena and thanks for your interesting comment.
The USA is visibly preparing for its Pluto return, a very subtle, yet intense process. The Mercury-Pluto signature is in fact quite interesting, as you suggest. In light of the current political situation, it gives further details on how the ‘current States’ will live through it. In fact, the first shock might be an acceleration of this information war. That may happen as soon as autumn of this year or in 2022. In USA & the Eclipses of 2021 I listed some important points to take into consideration. One of those points are the critical secondary progressions of the Inauguration Moon across some heated planetary configurations. Also, with both Pluto and Uranus directly affecting the angles again in the months to come, the issues symbolized by that chart will eventually manifest in full form. Again, we don’t know how this is going to play out, and who will do what; however, some kind of reorientation may eventually occur within the administration. According to what we currently know, the Pluto return seems to indicate the contemporary brewing of powerfully regenerative movements, and it may lead the country into a fight with its own corruption. A collapse of some kind will occur within the States, and it may well be something historic and unprecedented.

The previous two Uranus returns have been extremely significant for the USA and for their ideological development. In “Gemini-Virgo and American History” I wrote about the Confederacy chart, which is a clear example of the Saturn-Uranus influence upon the nation at that time. In fact, with a major waxing phase of that synod aligning with national Uranus, the civil war became a manifestation of the country’s inner desire to break apart and reshape itself. Observation seems to suggest that the Neptunian side of that struggle (1st Neptune opposition of the 1860s) relates to the social war, the mobilization of the masses – animated by the national Mars-Neptune square, which is martyrial, unconstrained, idealistic. Some powerful Mars-Neptune energy was all over the place in spring 2020, when all sorts of racial issues came to the surface again. A long story, yet near the Mars-Neptune conjunction of 2020 the situation exploded with riots of all kinds. Next year we will see that Mars-Neptune energy again, and perhaps more powerfully. This will occur during the conjunction of May and during the prolonged waxing square which will extend into March 2023 (because of Mars turning retrograde in Gemini).
On the other hand, the Uranian side of the American struggle seems to have been quite different in the 1860s from what it turned out to be in the 1940s (second Uranus return). The latter case, though it occurred during the USA’s engagement in WWII, seems to have been supported by benevolent waxing sextile aspects of a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo. The former case was simply aggravated by the concomitant waxing square of Saturn in Virgo and the first Neptune opposition to the position it holds within the American Independence chart. Every return is different, so we might ask ourselves what is in store for the USA during the next one!
As explained in “2020/30 A Significant Decade for Humanity“, the next return occurs under very harmonious aspects with Neptune and Pluto. However, the concomitant Jupiter-Uranus waxing square may not facilitate things! This is emphasized by the fact that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024 is linked with the events which occurred during the period of the Confederacy. If we consider that the next USA Presidential Inauguration chart would carry a powerful Sun-Pluto conjunction, we can understand what kind of regenerative, yet critically powerful leadership can be expected. However, we cannot gauge how the political process may follow from here on, due to the amount of controversy raised so far and the uncertainty which lies ahead with critical phases of the USA Neptune and Pluto cycles coinciding as of now.

Thanks again for your contribution and for furthering this very interesting discussion,


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