Social Contraction & Expansion

What can astrology tell us about social contraction and expansion?

Let’s talk about the Planetary Index again.
How many of you have noticed that last year’s northern summertime coincided with a generalised relaxation of all fears and restrictions? But strikingly, the average feeling all over the word was one of contraction during the southern summertime (Dec. 2020 onwards). This was when the inner planets and Luminaries re-entered an area delimited by the 2020 cluster in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. The shift was palpable in mid-November 2020 already, when Venus was the last to make an opposition to Uranus, a time when the decreasing index crossed the threshold of 180 degrees. The situation during those weeks was also aggravated by the last of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn. During last year’s northern summertime and autumn, as the Sun transited Gemini through Sagittarius, some sort of generalised expansion occurred. It’s way too easy to say that such was due to the ‘flu’ disappearing because of the weather. I’m well aware of the fact that astrologers can actually see way beyond that.

After the New Moon of May 11th we may progressively, week after week, find ways to embrace more freedom, releasing some feelings of restriction. We should not forget that the lower tones (slow planets), are still going to remain in ‘low index’. This means that it’s likely that any progressive improvement to social life will not override the ‘fear’ so far built up.

André Barbault wrote at length about the concentration or de-concentration of planets around the zodiac. In simple words, there are visible differences between those times when only a restricted area of the zodiac gets busy and those in which an even spread is visible.

As I’ve written for quite a few months, we are living times of extreme social contraction, mainly because Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto currently occupy slightly less than one third of the zodiac. The social and outer planets, with their relatively slow cycles, rule societal dynamics on a large space/time scale, so the next few years are likely to offer a slow catch-up for us all. By the time Jupiter conjoins Uranus in 2024, with an upsurge of innovative/visionary energy, we may have created the foundations of a completely new societal structure, which will be ready to expand.

We are living though a half-decade of generalised rebirth.


By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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