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Mid-2021 Mundane Astrology Updates

Eclipses, Jupiter on Italy’s IC, the Vatican’s Directions, the UK’s Progressions and the US sailing in rough seas.

In mundane astrology we also look at “seasonal charts”. The Summer Solstice chart shows some interesting astrological configurations over Europe. What strikes me as a prominent feature is the angular placement of stationary Jupiter over Italy. The planet will turn retrograde around the Solstice, in conjunction with the national IC. This seems to indicate that important news may come from that area of the globe during the next season. Not only has Italy been ramping up its vaccination program exponentially, but it has also been prominently ahead in the restart of cruising. In The Pharmaceutical Rush I explained the influence of Jupiter in Pisces upon several sectors, including pharma, the oil/gas industry and the maritime sector. These are all Piscean activities, and their trade is expected to inflate, even if temporarily. In fact, Jupiter will only spend a few months in this sign, but will be back by the end of 2021. Italy might therefore go through important activities during this coming summer season, judging from the planetary configurations at play. We should not forget that the coming Solar Eclipse of June 10th will fall upon the national Gemini Sun in the 8th House. Trade and export are likely to be affected, and there is a Neptunian/Piscean signature to all this. The eclipse will square Neptune, recalling the energies of late 2020, the last eclipse season. Also, the Directed South Node has reached a conjunction with the national IC. Jupiter’s station in early Pisces will likely set that into motion. Italy’s focus on maritime issues may be strong over the summer.

Prominent Jupiter in the Solstice chart also indicates public attention towards religious matters, therefore the Vatican. Back in January I posted on Instagram (@globalevolutionastrology) that the Vatican’s chart would receive some degree of planetary pressure this year.

In fact, the main influence at play over the Vatican this year is that of the Progressed MC reaching a conjunction with Neptune at 28 Leo. The chart (June 7th 1929) shows a prominent Jupiter-Neptune square, with Jupiter angular over the Vatican’s MC. How well does this symbolize the energies which animate the Roman Church! Back in 2005, when Wojtyla passed away, the Directed Sun had reached a conjunction with that Neptune at 28 Leo. Now that the MC has reached the same area of the zodiac, is this going to be a significant astrological event? We should also consider that transiting Jupiter will soon retrograde towards 28 degrees of Aquarius, where it will pass again twice this year. The Solstice chart, cast for Rome, shows 28 Sagittarius at the Descendant; that is the degree of the Vatican’s Saturn. Also, the 10th House Mercury will be eclipsed soon, because, like the Italian Sun, it stands at 19 Gemini.

In late July, as it moves back into Aquarius, Jupiter will be opposed by Mars in Leo. That is also a recently eclipsed area of the zodiac, since 2017. This may set into motion the energies symbolized by the powerful Directions of the Vatican State chart. Over the next few years, with the Directed Jupiter – Neptune square slowly moving towards the angles, and particularly with Neptune approaching the national IC, the Roman Church may be in for a reformatory chapter. Other factors such as a Secondary Progressed Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite national Uranus, all being fueled by the transit of Chiron over 10 Aries, indicate massive reforms or shakeups.

Neptune is currently at 23 degrees of Pisces, but it will retrograde back to 20 degrees again this year. It is still within orb of conjunction with the rising Jupiter of retired, or emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI. The last Sun-Neptune conjunction occurred just minutes of arc away from his chart ruler, rising Jupiter. In early June, the waxing square will coincide with a Solar Eclipse. That particular lunation will be important for the Vatican. Is this going to be significant? Francis’ chart shows a strong emphasis upon 16-25 degrees of Mutable signs as well. Obviously, important people in the Vatican circle have powerful synastries with the Gemini New Moon of the Church State’s chart. Bergoglio was born just 4 days after a Solar Eclipse which fell at 21 Sagittarius, opposing Chiron in Gemini.

The coming two eclipses (May 26 and June 10) will be quite prominent over the Italian and Vatican territories. The first one will be a Lunar one and it will fall at 5 Sagittarius. Its chart shows a close alignment with the Meridian axis. The second one will be a Solar one and it will fall at 19 Gemini, in conjunction with the Vatican’s Mercury, ruler of the national Sun and Moon. The chart shows the eclipse falling within the 10th House of leadership. Several other configurations, in connection with House rulerships, show that these two eclipses will somehow affect the national leadership of both States. Generally, when strong influences affect either of the Meridian Houses (4th and 10th) important developments affect both the territory and it leadership. In fact, popular crises often lead to important changes within political circles. On the contrary, deep governmental crises tend to affect the popular well-being. This is just a generic observation and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the configurations here mentioned will immediately manifest their effects. We should remember that such lunations remain active for years, and their messages tend to manifest whenever faster planets activate those same degrees.

As already specified, Italy’s Directed South Node has reached a conjunction with the national IC in early Pisces, right where Jupiter will soon make its retrograde station. The Piscean IC strongly symbolizes that the nation is rooted in its religious past. The South Node’s influence is generally of a “releasing” type and, given the rarity of this particular aspect, its effects upon the territory and the people might be strong. This is emphasized by Directed Saturn now being conjunct national Neptune. Let’s not forget that back in 2005 a major shift occurred, with Ratzinger’s nomination, just after a Lunar Eclipse had fallen at 5 degrees of Libra, right where the Italian national Neptune stands.

The interconnection between the Italian and Vatican states is obviously ancestral and intrinsic. In 1929, under Mussolini’s rule, the Church was separated from national political affairs, but a strong cultural connection remains.

Around the world…

Looking at different parts of the world, we might want to keep an eye on the United Kingdom and especially the royal family. Their national Progressed New Moon promises to be historically important. I have written about it in Royal Astrological News and The UK and its Progressed New Moon.

In the USA, Biden is currently going through major challenges ranging from the fuel crisis to inflation, the Middle East unrest and the ongoing vaccination. As I wrote in USA & the Eclipses of 2021 and A Tough Ride Ahead, the 2021 Presidential Inauguration chart shows an incredible amount of planetary tension. This administration’s Progressed Moon won’t reach the 12th House Mars-Uranus conjunction before autumn. By October and November pivotal changes may affect the nation and, considering the degree of outer planetary configurations involved, the States may need to face unclear, perhaps even troubling dynamics.

In the Middle East the situation is critically unstable right now. As explained in Middle East & the Saturn-Uranus cycle, a Mars-Pluto opposition is going to occur in early June. The State of Israel is also heading towards elections. Uranus is moving towards its first conjunction with the Palestinian Sun. Are we really looking at sincere efforts for a ceasefire? If it is achieved, how solid will it be? In addition, the Cancer Ingress chart (Summer Solstice) shows Pluto descending in Teheran. That will also emphasize the USA’s Pluto, which is being pressured by the historical return we know about. Iran has its national MC at 10 degrees of Taurus (1 April 1979); therefore, Uranus is still in tight conjunction with it. Uranus co-rules the nation’s Aquarian Descendant, therefore this particular transit emphasizes Iran’s desire to emerge internationally, though this may bring opposing forces on the table. Israel’s leader has transiting Neptune conjunct his IC right now; the same transit Biden is experiencing. They are both facing growing unpopularity and scandalous claims. One’s reputation tends to erode when Neptune transits across the natal Meridian axis. Famous astrologer Liz Greene explained how Neptune’s transits evoke the need for political leaders to be seen as ‘messiahs’ or ‘truth-bearers’; that’s when the community starts looking for a ‘redeemer’. This has been happening over and over again in history; however, we already know how this ‘guru phenomenon’ has always and eventually shown its controversial face throughout. Also, Chiron is currently crossing Netanyahu’s relocated IC over Teheran, so he may feel extremely, maybe excessively protective and defensive over his people. With Neptune in conjunction to the composite Israel-Iran Descendant, peaceful relations seem to be just a dream or mirage.

Last but not least, as the Planetary Index grows, we see the world getting to the streets again. However, let’s not forget that some restrictions may come back in late 2021, when the planets will concentrate in just a quarter of the zodiac again. After all, Jupiter won’t settle into Pisces before the very end of 2021, and the pharmaceutical rush cannot be complete and verified before next year’s uplifting Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. I invite you all to read again 2020/30 – A SIGNIFICANT DECADE FOR HUMANITY, an eye-opening study of the times we are living in. All in all, this process of “social rebirth” won’t be complete before the revolutionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024.

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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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Hello and thank you for your site. I have recently discovered a chart for the USA,which is probably more historically accurate and am anticipating the full blown effects of the pluto return. It is a May 15,1776 , 5;00 pm LMT in Philedelphia, PA. There are some very intense aspects due on the solar return of 2022. There is a lunar eclipse that day . mars- uranus, mars neptune, moon-moon aspects all very tight. The progressed chart for the same day has sun,DC,pluto ,south node conjunct, moon opposite saturn, mars conjunct IC. I would like your opinion, whay you think of this chart and the upcoming indicators. I have some astrological knowledge , but mundane is probably one of my weak spots.

Hello Fran, thanks for sharing your opinion here.
The May 15th chart represents an early stage of the congressional fight against the British colonial rule. In fact, it may be used as an additional source of information, provided we keep good perspective here. The still somehow premature initiative passed by Congress and promoted by John Adams still had to go through some sort of ideological and political evolution. In fact, we generally use the July 4th chart to envision the fully-evolved American ideal, yet I do not rule out the importance of the May 15th chart. As Nicholas Campion explains in ‘The Book of World Horoscopes’, a text I believe every mundane astrologer should make reference to, we should use different charts to understand the continuous social evolution at play in every nation. As an example, the May 15th chart carries a Mutable Jupiter-Neptune square, which is extremely ideological, visionary, idealistic. The Independence Declaration was eventually ratified on July 4th, the date we use for general mundane forecasts about the USA. By that time, Mars had taken the spot of the other chart’s Gemini Jupiter. The visionary Jupiter-Neptune square of the May 15th chart is therefore a representation of the nation’s early aspirations, of its ideological and political fight to reach a definite congressional action against the Crown. The July 4th chart shows the action-oriented side of that struggle, with a prominent Mars-Neptune square that still manifests through the USA’s worldwide ‘messianic’ self-assertion.
That being said, I find it interesting to see that year 2022 seems to represent a turning point also if considering the May 15th chart. The Lunar Eclipse affecting the chart’s Sun may reresent another turning point in the overall American idea. That alone would hardly constitute a major astrological event but, considering the other aspects at play, there is a lot going on next year across the nation. Apart from the Neptune opposition and Pluto return, which are obviously valid also in this case, the square of Saturn to the Sun may represent new challenges for the American dream. Also, with Uranus and the North Node moving through the Taurus cluster, we can expect to see important shakeups in the system over the next couple of years. Let’s not forget that the latest presidential inauguration chart carries a prominent Pluto at the MC. How symbolic of a major national reorientation through. Something major is expected, yet there is no point in trying to guess what kind of events will manifest. Last but not least, the next Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces will be as important as the one which occurred during last spring, with all sorts of social movements arising. Not even the pandemic could stop that Mars-Neptune energy, which is after all embedded in the July 4th ratification chart!

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