A Political Struggle

Months ago I wrote about the challenging astrological nature of the last Presidential Inauguration.
Now that the Progressed Moon is closing in towards that Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th, we start to see the beginning of a major reformation within the administration.
Obviously known for its warmongering qualities, the Mars-Uranus interaction can be extremely subversive and hardly controllable.
The Afghanistan issue is a clear manifestation of this.

As I specified back in January in ‘A Tough Ride Ahead’, this inauguration chart carries extremely challenging aspects. A clear split between the popular consensus and the government is now becoming obvious, considering the Moon’s position and its participation in a ground-shaking square between Mars-Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn. However, the most eloquent feature is the culminating position of Pluto. I would like to reiterate how hard the next few months seem to be for Biden and his team.

Going back to the current Progressions, the Moon is now within one degree of conjunction with Mars and Uranus. We can already see how this administration’s popularity is being heavily affected by the rise of internal and external factors. The Progressed MC is also less than one degree away from Pluto; this is another sign of a major turning point. I have explained several times that the next few months will be pivotal for the country. We may expect a series of situations becoming so important that we will see them as preparatory events for next year’s Pluto return of the USA.

In order to get into the highly reformatory climate of a nation’s Pluto return (which symbolically brings us back to 1776) some form of widespread degeneration needs to affect the system. How this will happen is not foreseeable, but we can easily perceive the hidden metaphysical processes which are already at play.


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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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