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Shifting Balance

New Moon in Libra, the coming American crisis, Sun conjunct Mars. Mundane astrology update as 2021 draws to an end.

The world has changed quite a lot since a seemingly merciless fate started questioning outdated habits and deeply rooted social dynamics. On the other hand, most of our freedom has been literally jeopardized by the arrival of a pandemic which I see as the clear manifestation of a historical planetary lineup. However, I hope that by now we are thankful for how much we have been able to learn collectively. The astrology of late 2021 is quite interesting, and this is a quick update about the global scenario of the next few months.


Just to remind my readers, we are still in a ‘Low Planetary Index Zone’, at least until 2024, when Jupiter (the fastest of the outer bodies) will line up with Uranus in Taurus in a flamboyant, revolutionary conjunction. That will most probably represent a phase in which all those technological and financial innovations which have been planted so far will finally flourish, or at least get regulated. Now, as the northern winter gets closer, faster planets and the Sun move towards this Low Planetary Index zone, which currently spans between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. In other words, another wave of social contraction is not only expected, but already visible to us all. However, each one of these annual waves will potentially be better than the previous one, I believe. We will be acting according to experience, and with a renewed focus on technological advancement. We are currently developing important tools which will eventually build our future; however, humans obviously tend to be scared of change. Paradoxically, this Aquarian wave is both ‘humanitarian’ and ‘dehumanized’, with the recent Saturn – Jupiter conjunction and the current Saturn – Uranus square playing a major revolutionary, modernizing role.


As we enter the last quarter of this year, a few important events are to be noted.

Mercury will start moving retrograde again on September 27. This particular station will be quite interesting, because it somehow recalls the energies of early November 2020, when the US election dispute started. In fact, Mercury will station at 25 Libra, on a close square to Pluto in Capricorn. Many will remember that Mercury stayed in Libra for quite a while last autumn, forming three extenuating squares with Saturn. That energy was about slowdowns and administrative obstacles, while in a few weeks we will experience more of an ‘inquisitive’, perhaps ‘obsessive’ approach.

Exactly one year after the election (one full solar cycle) we get an extremely powerful New Moon in Scorpio. It will be a potentially destabilizing one, because of its partile opposition to Uranus. I believe there will be a strong focus on financial trends during the weeks that follow, but it is hard to predict outcomes. A downtrend is already visible in the market, but the intensity of November 2021 seems to be much higher than what we might get right now. I have recently written about the role the lunar eclipse of November 19 might play within the American scenario (USA & the Eclipses of 2021) You may want to read about that again.


One of the most interesting New Moons of the year will occur on October 6 at 13 Libra, in conjunction with Mars. A warring configuration which seeks to establish balance, perhaps by identifying the root causes of deep injustice and social instability. Its opposition to Chiron in Aries makes me think of an unprecedented call to action, a collective realization, a major attempt to rebalance wounded egos. What makes this lunation even more interesting is the accompanying direct station of Pluto. The planet will therefore initiate its slow ride towards 27 Capricorn, the degree where it was in 1776. Within weeks or months, we will start creeping towards the long-awaited Pluto return of the USA, a major step the nation needs to go through, before we may even guess what its future path will eventually be. It is worth taking into account the unpredictability of two major features of this coming New Moon: a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus, as well as ruler Venus forming a semisquare from Scorpio. Overall, a very complex lunar month is approaching. The New Moon chart shows both luminaries and Mars rising over Washington DC, with Chiron at the descendant. 13 Cancer, the degree of the national Sun, will be at the capital’s Midheaven. This means that the lunation will bring our attention towards the national Sun – Saturn square of the 1776 chart. Leadership/legislative issues are likely to arise from this specific planetary influence. You never know when it comes to short cycles such as lunations, but the prominence of such patterns may suggest that within the next weeks the States could take some prominent action or decisions, either internally or externally. With Mars participating in the picture, there are signs of military involvement. This highly resonates with the recent, unexpected birth of AUKUS.

It is also quite interesting to observe how the New Moon in question culminates over central Germany. Chiron’s transit over the German Midheaven at 10 Aries (Oct 3 1990 Midnight chart) is quite symbolic indeed, at the end of Merkel’s era.


The New Moon will fall in the 10th House over London, with the chart angles bringing prominence to some national chart features. This is emphasized by the angular Venus-Uranus opposition of the latest Equinox chart set for London. It is worth remembering that Charles’ IC-Neptune-Venus combination is at 13-16 Libra, and that Saturn will station direct on his natal Descendant.

For months, I have been looking at a configuration of the utmost importance, which will occur just after the New Moon in question. The next Sun – Mars conjunction, roughly a two-year occurrence, will set the tone for months to come. Interestingly, it will be culminating over Beijing, strongly highlighting the Chinese territory over the next couple of years. This synod will directly influence the Mercury-Neptune-South Node conjunction of the 1949 Chinese chart.

Should we expect some important news from China over the next few months?

We should not forget that their national Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo will undergo major planetary stress in 2022-23, when both Saturn and Uranus will transit in opposition and square. No doubt the Chinese government is quite unhappy with the birth of this new Western military alliance.

This whole picture brings my attention towards NATO. I wonder what comes next for the organization? It was founded on April 4 1949, under a Sun – Neptune opposition over 14 Aries/Libra. Mercury, Venus and Mars are within 9 degrees of the Sun. Strong Aries is quite symbolic of a military alliance indeed, while the Neptunian factor relates to its ‘cross-continental’, North Atlantic characteristic. How symbolic that the whole submarine situation is in fact a Neptunian fact. Next year’s Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in Pisces may bring more details into the global picture, from a maritime point of view. Also, the coming Sun – Mars synod is going to challenge NATO’s chart directly, and Chiron’s transit over mid-Aries is likely to transform or re-orient its military purpose. Pluto’s approach to NATO’s Jupiter at 28 Capricorn, during the USA Pluto return, may suggest a major withdrawal or a big loss for the organization within a year or two. This is not set in stone, but not unlikely, because as specified previously we are living under a groundbreaking Saturn – Uranus climate. This is expected to challenge all sorts of present alliances and organizations on the long term. Many nations were ‘reborn’ socially, economically and politically after WWII, when Pluto was in the first decade of Leo. The Saturn – Uranus square of 2021/22 is sweeping through the same Fixed degrees, from Aquarius/Taurus. This slow process of change will probably tell us how the post-WWII geopolitical balance is reaching a turning point. Within a decade the global picture will be somehow reshaped and, by the time we experience the next Saturn – Uranus conjunction in 2032, a new equilibrium may have been established. How we will get there is a big question. I hope it will happen pacifically.

October is going to be an important month also because between October 6 and 18 three slow planets will turn direct: in order of time, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Though the planetary index will keep on falling, these three consecutive stations may finally remove obstacles which have been in place for a year or two.



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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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Thank you so much Stefano for your wisdom on this site. I was wondering if you have any comment on Australia right now. I live in Melbourne, Australia. It seems we are in a totalitarian state right now in this particular place. The longest lockdown on the planet, on one hand people are asleep and following the orders on the other people are awake and being vilified for it. Personally I would love to get out of this city and state but we are not allowed to travel either. Unless of course you are up to date with the medication they are trying to force on us, and even then it is difficult. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Josie, thanks a lot for your kind words and appreciation towards this website.
I have recently started focusing a bit more on Australia, which, as you may know, tends to be seen as a faraway reality on the Atlantic side of the globe. However, recent developments have definitely turned my attention towards your country. Nick Campion mentions an afternoon chart for Australia in his famous ‘Book of World Horoscopes’. A quick review tells me that may be the right one to look at these days. It shows the MC/IC axis over 24 Capricorn/Cancer. Undoubtedly, those countries which have struggled the most with the pandemic and its legislative/social implications carry important configurations over 22-27 degrees of Cardinal signs. The Australian chart in question has experienced enormous pressure over the last year and a half, due to the recent Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (which squared Eris in Aries), the big event of the decade! The totalitarian state the federation is unfortunately experiencing seems to be an unfortunate expression of that archetypal energy. The multiple conjunction of slow planets over your national MC has brought strong legislation (typically a Jupiter-Pluto affair), as well as loads of fear, restrictions and social contraction. The country’s leadership had been pressured by the events, ‘isolating’ the nation from the rest of the world (the MC relates to a nation’s or a person’s place within the wider community). Pluto has recently stationed direct at 24 Capricorn, therefore it will start clearing the national MC, but bear in mind its movement is quite slow.
It also has to be said that the Australian chart shows a profound dichotomy between strong idealism and conservatism. A visionary, far-fetched Gemini-Sagittarius pattern clashes with a contractive, traditionalist Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon in Taurus aligns most people’s will with the latter side of the struggle, I guess. The enormous cosmopolitan potential of Australia is probably the key to gaining the self-awareness needed to go out of your self-inflicted slowdown. Neptune is currently squaring that Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune configuration in Gemini/Sagittarius, probably stirring up all sorts of ideological issues. However, we are still in the buildup phase, because Neptune is still at 21 Pisces. I expect this to become a visible trend by 2023.
There seems to have been a connection between the recent New Moon, the Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction and the current tension with China. I would like to emphasize how the newborn Sun-Mars synod will directly address the Indo-Pacific region over the next couple of years. The birth of AUKUS does not help either, we know that. I would keep an eye on the coming Mars-Pluto square, because it will most probably summarize our long planetary struggle with the pandemic, opening the last quarter of a cycle which has literally dismantled our old perception of freedom. Planetary events often speak of generational necessity; therefore, whatever has occurred in 2020/21 will not be judged in hindsight, because within years or decades this scenario will be seen as the catalyst of a major shift for humanity at large. We have repeatedly gone through many twists and turns in history, and this is another major, sharp turn.

Thanks again for following Global Evolution Astrology, please feel free to share this information around!

Best wishes,

[…] As we approach the next New Moon, we may start feeling the influence of action-oriented Mars. Just to remind the reader, throughout the next lunar month we are expecting to experience a certain degree of restlessness, action, movement. This is likely to play out both collectively and individually, but everybody will go through this phase differently. This is not to say that Mars is a ‘bad influence’ at all, that’s old-fashioned astrology. However, we should take into account the action-oriented nature of its two-year cycle. Moreover, as we approach important phases of the Sun – Mars and Mars – Pluto synods, some kind of social, political or financial adjustments may become necessary. Overall, the New Moon opens a complex, potentially unstable chapter, with its partile quincunx to Uranus and the opposition to Chiron. It may set the tone for the six months to come, until the Chironian New Moon in Aries of April 2022, which will fall at 11 Aries. The underlying energy relates to wounded Egos, a struggle for supremacy, the realization of widespread injustice. You can read more about it in my recent article: Shifting Balance. […]

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