The Wind Picks Up

The new Sun-Mars synod is already creating sparks in the Taiwan strait, undermining US-China relations and urging for a different diplomatic balance. As Mercury moves retrograde into a triple conjunction with Mars and the Sun, the wrong words or actions may really upset somebody.

The Mars-Pluto waning square will soon bring the pandemic to another vital turning point, as we gain awareness of our forward movement.

November’s extremely ground-shaking New Moon in Scorpio will be conjunct Biden’s natal Mars. The New Moon chart shows heavy emphasis on 1/7 Houses in Washington DC. That’s “confrontational”, to say the least.

The subsequent Mars-Uranus opposition will bring a peak experience in the current US administration. The incumbent President was sworn in under the latest Mars-Uranus conjunction.

The following Lunar Eclipse in Taurus falls opposite Biden’s Sun and China’s MC (27 Scorpio). That creates a bridge, connecting the two nations, and possibly unearthing lots of diplomatic issues.

His next Solar return (birthday on November 20) is also a Mars return. There’s lots of ‘raw’, ‘undercover’ energy around him and his government.

Don’t forget, Pluto is moving towards 27 Capricorn, the degree where it was in July 1776. That closes a 2.5-century-long cycle for the States, opening a new chapter before its ingress into Aquarius in 2024. What is that going to be about? Also, Pluto has just stationed over the January 2021 Inauguration chart’s Midheaven (A Tough Ride Ahead).

One may wonder what trouble the USA need to engage themselves with at this point? We all know money lies at the core of every single struggle, after all…

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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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