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A few months ago I wrote about the ‘royal’ flavor of the UK’s Progressed New Moon. Now that Prince Charles’ Progressed Midheaven is reaching an almost exact conjunction with Uranus, we should start wondering what’s in store for the Royal Family and its nation. To add more significance to that, transiting Chiron is going to be conjunct his natal Midheaven (13 Aries) quite soon. In January I specified how Charles’ Progressed Sun entering the 7th House, together with transiting Saturn and Jupiter, would at some point bring him more visibility. In June, Jupiter will station retrograde in the zodiacal area where national Pluto lies. This may prove to be an important astrological event for the nation. Last year’s Solar Return of Prince Charles (November 14 2020), cast for London, shows the Midheaven in conjunction with national Uranus, while the Ascendant is conjunct national Chiron. Return Mars is conjunct his natal Midheaven. This whole tapestry of astrological patterns emphasizes his social status and carries a Uranian/Chironian energy with it. There seems to be a sudden release of energy connected with this. We are looking at the symbolism associated with a profound healing experience for him, something which is linked with his parental connections, as well as his public stance.

This year, Queen Elizabeth’s Progressed Midheaven is at 26 Aquarius, and it squares her natal Meridian axis. Due to a natal T-Square, this brings Directed Neptune, Jupiter and Mars into an alignment with her Meridian axis. This means that the next months have the potential to carry enormous significance in her life, with events affecting her position in the world at large. Her Progressed Moon has entered Aquarius, reaching the degree of the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, while her Progressed Ascendant is conjunct Venus in early Cancer, an area still quite sensitive to last year’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Her last Solar Return, which occurred soon after Philip departed, shows an important repetition of her natal angles. It is worth remembering that her 7th House Leo Moon had been eclipsed on January 31st 2018. Philip passed away when Saturn crossed the eclipsed axis this year (11 Aquarius/Leo). Saturn will cross that degree again twice, as Uranus will keep on squaring it from Taurus. There are multiple facts which suggest this may be a pivotal year for Buckingham palace indeed.

The composite chart between Charles and his mother shows a prominent Sun-Chiron-Uranus square across 11-13 Aquarius-Taurus. This is highly resonant with a lifelong empowering, yet potentially reactive connection between mother and son. Those very degrees are being powerfully stimulated by the current Saturn-Uranus waning square. When Saturn stations retrograde in less than a month from now, the emphasis may reach a peak.

Camilla’s chart, according to the reported time of birth, has similar angles to those of Charles. Her next Solar Return shows a prominent Chiron exactly at her natal Midheaven (12 Aries). In her Progressions/Directions we find something which strongly resonates with Charles’ astrological situation. Her Progressed Midheaven has reached a life-changing conjunction with natal Uranus in Gemini. Not only is this suggesting important developments which may affect her place within society, but it also refers to her partner Charles. Uranus co-rules her Descendant, so the basic symbolism here shown suggests increased visibility around her partnership. This is further emphasized by transiting Saturn currently going through her natal 7th House, as it squares transiting Uranus in her 10th. The amount of Uranian connections here outlined suggests an element of ‘suddenness’ within all this.

Months ago I found the 2021 Spring Equinox chart for London quite interesting. It shows Jupiter conjunct the MC at 19 Aquarius. That is also the degree of Prince Charles’ progressed Mercury. The latter rules his progressed Midheaven which, as I mentioned already, is now minutes of arc away from a conjunction with Uranus. The UK’s 1801 chart is showing Directed Chiron at 10 Cancer, in partile conjunction with the national MC, symbol of Government and Royalty, opposite the national Sun in Capricorn. The country is in for a deep rediscovery or reassessment of its roots, tradition and future path, especially if we consider that transiting Chiron is squaring the whole configuration from Aries.

Within this whole astrological scenario, the next two eclipses will fall into Governmental houses. The Lunar Eclipse of May 26th will fall in the 4th, whereas the Solar Annular one of June 10th will fall in the 10th House. The first one will highlight the Queen’s natal Angles. It is worth mentioning that in late May Mars will transit the 20th degree of Cancer, which was eclipsed in early 2020. That was when the country’s aristocratic 10th House Moon was last eclipsed.

I would like to add that the national Progressed New Moon mentioned at the beginning of this article will carry a ‘royally mystical’ Jupiter-Neptune flavor. There is a sense of dissolution infused with idolization here. The Progressed New Moon will fall at 16 degrees of Leo, in partile conjunction to Prince Charles’ prominent 1st House Pluto, co-ruler of his natal Scorpio Sun. Interesting to see that his harmonious, quasi-devotional IC-Venus-Neptune conjunction forms a sextile to that natal Pluto. There is feminine energy involved, roots, ancestry, a great legacy is symbolically transmuted here. One may wonder who and what the New Moon will put into the spotlight. Between now and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024 a large window of change opens for Buckingham palace. Maybe such royal developments will occur in phases. We don’t know yet how these planetary energies can play out.

One question seems to arise naturally, considering the amount of astrological noise here explained. Are we going to see further news coming from the Royal Family?

Looking ahead at the eclipses which will occur in the next few months, pivotal changes seem to be ahead for the USA. In last year’s article USA Horoscope: a Long Presidency Ahead?, and a more recent one named A Tough Ride Ahead I described how, regardless of whichever party would end up ruling the American scene, several challenges lied ahead. This is mainly because the nation is undergoing two extremely sensitive evolutionary phases. The 1776 American chart of Independence is being sensitized by a Pluto return and a 2nd Neptune opposition. Profound racial, judicial, political, ideological, economic issues are currently plaguing the States. This is the beginning of a profound phase of transformation which will most likely bring extreme reformation to a country which has grown too divided.

The following is a detailed list of some important eclipses which will occur this year:

  • May 26 2021 : Total Lunar Eclipse at 5 Sagittarius
  • June 10 2021: Solar Annular Eclipse at 19 Gemini
  • November 19 2021: Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus

A few points have to be taken into account. The Lunar Eclipse of May 26 will fall within two degrees of the President’s Ascendant and opposite national Uranus in Gemini. The second will square Biden’s natal MC/IC axis, which is already being sensitized by a long transit of Neptune. At the same time, the eclipse will be close to national Mars.

A pivotal Lunar Eclipse will occur in mid-November. What makes it important is the fact that it will oppose Biden’s natal Sun.

Now that we have the big picture at hand, we can ‘zoom in’ and look at all the astrological details of the coming seasons.

Starting from the May/June period, we can see how the consecutive squares of Mercury, Venus and the Sun to Neptune in Pisces will highly sensitize an already delicate social situation. Taking into account the national Mars-Neptune square, ultimate symbol of ancestral issues which affect and divide the masses, as well as the partile opposition of Neptune to its national degree, we can expect the resurgence of racial issues. It is worth remembering that 21-23 degrees of Mutable signs were heavily stressed during the 1st opposition of Neptune, which occurred in the 1860s. In Gemini – Virgo & American History I explained the connections between the Civil War and this particular transit of Neptune. Now that we are in the middle of the 2nd opposition, we are starting to see a new breakdown of social boundaries, a melting down of moral values, and a resurgence of intense idealism, at times stained with the blood of blind fanaticism or self-redeeming martyrdom. The Mars-Neptune question is a profoundly complex one in this country, and great respect should be paid to the efforts so far made by generations of all times to bring light into a seemingly un-healable territory. The Solar Eclipse of June 10th in Gemini will further highlight all this.

Jupiter is now on Aquarius’ anaretic 29th degree, almost ready to enter Pisces, where it will stay until late July. It will settle into the new sign for good by the very end of 2021. This means that the planet will soon take a short trip into Donald Trump’s 7th House of relationships. Is this going to give him more visibility? Interestingly, as Jupiter got fairly close to his natal Descendant, he launched a new platform, while Facebook upholds his ban. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn across his 6th House have taken him out of the scene, and surely addressed issues related to the very fabric of his ‘co-workers’, his party. Does this mean that Jupiter’s entrance into a ‘public house’ will boost his image again? Considering Trump’s natal rising Mars, the coming Solar Eclipse affecting his Sun-Uranus-North Node conjunction and Mercury soon moving retrograde across the same area, it may well happen in a particularly dramatic fashion. Under the Saturn-Uranus square, the archetypal war I’ve been writing about for months is still going on.

Particularly interesting to see that Biden’s natal angles are going to be prominently eclipsed this year. This may signify a lot for a country which is slipping into ideological and cultural reformation with great nervousness. Any eclipse can turn out to be either a pleasant or unpleasant event. It all depends on factors such as the nature of that eclipse, the life circumstances one is going through and the psychological predisposition towards the archetypes involved. This is not the focus point for mundane astrologers. When we look at large-scale patterns, the individual’s take on astrological events has to go into the background, because the evolutionary needs of a whole collective scenario need to emerge.

With that said, Mars’ hard aspects to this Lunar Eclipse may bring challenges and increased dynamism into Biden’s life. An important picture emerges in November 2021, under the Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus, which will tightly oppose Biden’s natal Sun in Scorpio. That may turn out to be a powerful alignment for him and the presidency. Several reasons support this idea. First of all, the power of this eclipse lies not only in its hard aspects to a Capricorn Venus which will in turn be opposing the national Sun, but also in the fact that triggering planets like Mercury and Mars will be following its footsteps right after. That lunar eclipse may show its message soon after it occurs. Casting the eclipse chart for Washington DC, we find an outstandingly prominent Pluto at the IC, just as it tightly opposes Biden’s Jupiter in the 8th House. Therefore, the mundane chart shows Biden’s Jupiter, chart ruler, strongly aligned with a very stressed meridian axis. I would like to remind the reader that 24 degrees of Capricorn was elevated in DC at the very moment of Biden’s Inauguration. We don’t know how these energies are going to play out, but Plutonian energies are likely to emerge from this lunation. The eclipse’s ruler Venus, as mentioned already, will be at 12 degrees of Capricorn. Its opposition to the national Sun will recall its still ongoing sensibility. This is because on July 5th 2020 a prominent eclipse occurred at 13 Capricorn, therefore opposite the national Sun. Such eclipses have generally brought pivotal developments within the country.

In November 2021 Biden’s secondary progressed Moon will have reached the 22nd degree of Pisces, opposing national Neptune. His pivotal role in the current Neptunian struggle of the USA will reach a critical stage. This is reinforced by the fact that transiting Neptune will again be conjunct his natal IC in November, while his progressed IC will still be in tight conjunction with natal Saturn. The stress upon his chart ruler Jupiter in Cancer will be enhanced by progressed Mercury’s opposition from Capricorn. Pluto’s current opposition is prompting him to face opposing forces and possibly to even question his own beliefs and judgement. That’s a typical expression of Pluto opposite Jupiter, however such dynamics are here quite private, given the planet’s 8th House placement within a highly Plutonian chart. In his Solar Arc Directions we find Pluto at 27 degrees of Libra, on a partile square to national Pluto. His engagement with the country’s metamorphosis is strong.

The Lunar Eclipse in question will be the culmination of the New Moon which will occur on November the 4th at 12 Scorpio, in partile opposition to rebellious Uranus. That lunar month will carry a strong Uranian/Plutonian signature. A year from the elections, strong Lunar alignments will bring outer planetary forces into direct focus. Important lunar phases tend to align with pivotal planetary patterns which feature within the nearest Solar Ingress charts. The Equinox chart of September 2021 shows a 10th House Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus. That opposition will range across 13 and 14 degrees, therefore it will be stimulated by the November New Moon. Another important feature of the Equinox chart is the Descending degree, which will happen to be at 14 Cancer, in close conjunction to the national Sun. These patterns resonate along the same lines, addressing the presidency in autumn.

The November 1st 1800 chart of the White House features a prominent Sun-Moon opposition across the 9-10th degrees of Scorpio-Taurus. By the end of 2021 Directed Uranus will have reached 10 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is already transiting in that area of the zodiac, so the New Moon which will occur in November may set into motion important reformative dynamics. This whole picture suggests profound shakeups to the system. This may well manifest in a slow, unnoticeable way, but considering the nature of Uranus, this may not be the case. Also, the White House’s chart Directed Luminaries will be squaring the ongoing Neptune opposition, with the Directed Sun applying to a conjunction with national Mars.

On January 20th 2021 Biden was sworn in at exactly 11:49 AM. At that moment 10 degrees of Taurus was rising. Also, Pluto was at 24Capricorn50, in close conjunction with the MC. In November 2021 Pluto will cross that degree with direct motion. As specified in A Tough Ride Ahead, the succedent house placements of both Uranus and Pluto will constitute pivotal features for the current administration. As the two planets work their way through the 1st and 10th Houses of that chart by transit, important dynamics may evolve nationwide. The 10th House of a presidential inauguration chart loaded with such incredibly heavy planetary energies can be interesting and worrying at the same time. This whole picture suggests that the events of late 2021 may prove to be determinant for the Administration’s path.

The upcoming ingress of Jupiter in Pisces will potentially increase the global focus upon issues related to pharmaceutics, seafaring, oil/gas production and distribution. There is no point in guessing whether Jupiter will bring a positive or negative influence within those sectors. That’s old-style astrology.

Let’s start looking at things in a more evolutionary, open-minded way: each planetary ingress obviously requires adjustments at first. With Jupiter involved, early issues may relate to excess and over-inflation. Yes, a market surge could be expected too. This may already be visible during its short passage through Pisces between mid-May and July. Let’s not forget that Jupiter will settle into Pisces for good by the end of 2021. A darker side of this new astrological influence upon the collective may turn out to be a resurgence of self-defeating and conspiratorial tendencies.

We should start asking ourselves: what long-term lessons are we going to learn from Jupiter in Pisces?

Undoubtedly, as this new energy will stabilize itself globally, we can expect to see some sort of ‘collective healing‘ occurring. There is reason to believe that Jupiter’s one-year transit through Pisces will provide us with the necessary level of compassion and understanding to tackle some deep social issues. An interesting fact will be its meeting with Neptune next year. By that time, pivotal changes in the sectors mentioned above are likely to occur.

I would now like to look at a specific chart, for the sake of pure astrological research upon a recently discovered planetoid which is beginning to show its energy to the collective.

mundane astrology uk research covid pandemic

On January 4th 2021, at 7:30 AM GMT the first non-trial AstraZeneca vaccine was administered to an 82-year old man in Oxford.

It might be quite interesting to look at the chart for that particular event. Despite the numerous themes our astrological analysis can take us through, I would like to focus on something which is extremely important.

The chart shows an exact opposition between Mars and the trans-neptunian planetoid Haumea. The orb of this aspect is just one minute of arc, and that’s pretty tight. I have important reasons to give enormous weight to this particular configuration, and I will explain them in this article. Haumea is a dwarf planet akin to Pluto, together with the recently discovered Eris and Makemake. I carried out some good amount of research on planetoids in 2020, and I think this news is going to provide more information about Haumea’s deepest symbolism.

In simple words, Haumea is related to ‘procreation‘. Back in the early 2000s, when it was discovered, it was given an exotic name. I am not going to explore its symbolism too deeply, because I intend to publish a more inclusive article on a famous Astrological magazine at some point. However I’ll just summarize by saying that I have found good connections between Haumea and Persephone’s mythological chthonian image.

In simple words, Haumea’s long planetary cycle is related to the very fabric of life, the genetic force. It also addresses our tampering with natural processes of both a small and large scale.

Many people who have engaged in struggles against the supreme will of Nature were born under prominent astrological configurations involving Haumea. Also, I have found this planet to be quite prominent in natal charts of famous researchers who in the past have ‘actively’ engaged with genetic/procreational processes, including abortion.

Let’s look more deeply into this chart. As specified, Mars forms a very tight opposition to Haumea; the latter has spent years in Libra, raising egalitarian and moral issues of all sorts. What strikes me most is that this opposition forms a partile T-Square with the Saturn-Pluto midpoint! In other words, Mars, Haumea, Saturn and Pluto are here connected along the 28th degree of three Cardinal signs. This is an extremely powerful astrological signature. Given the deeply dismantling and powerfully abductive power of any Mars – Saturn – Pluto interaction, this pattern is not the friendliest.

The Moon applies to a tight opposition with Neptune, also squaring the Nodes. That’s not the best sign in a chart of this type, adding more confusion than clarity to the whole picture. This is emphasized by the fact that the area between 15-23 degrees of Mutable signs is still being eclipsed in 2021. Many other features of an important type are clearly seen in this chart, but I would like to stick to the main signature, which is the Mars-Haumea-Saturn-Pluto configuration explained above.

With Jupiter in Pisces, I believe the pharmaceutical industry will have plenty of opportunities to look deeply into its statistics and data, reshaping its future strategy if needed. It is important to remember that Pluto and Haumea will be locked into a deeply-reformative waxing square for years to come (yes, Pluto is FASTER than Haumea, interesting isn’t it?). Our relationship with genetics and procreation is destined to evolve, with all sorts of issues surfacing for our scrutiny throughout this decade. From a purely astrological point of view, one can guess that the extremely challenging aspects of this particular chart are very well resonant with the controversial reputation this vaccine has developed. I guess there is more to learn within these patterns, and that we should not rush to immediate conclusions, especially considering that practically-unknown Haumea is the main signature of this chart.

This opens a whole ethical question about the impact of mundane astrological research. Again, we should keep in mind that these times are ruled by extremely charged planetary configurations, and that it is way too easy to get carried away through politicization, extremism and idolization of uncertain facts. In evolutionary terms, I like to see the whole mayhem of 2020/2021 as another cyclical perturbation within society, another phase of major contraction. Eminent astrologers like Andre’ Barbault had already written at length about this particular phase in history and its ‘Low Planetary Index’, comparing it to other periods of widespread dismantlement. For the greater good of a globally destabilized world, I do wish, as anybody else I guess, to see that this drug is ‘effective’ and ‘harmless’. Hopefully with the arrival of Jupiter into Pisces we will understand more about the current pharmaceutical rush.

I remember reading Celeste Teal’s famous book ‘Eclipses’ back in the fall of 2016. At that time I was spending a few pleasurable weeks in NYC, during which I alternated my trips around the city with hours of in-depth reading. The book had come to me at the right time, becoming so helpful that I think I devoured it in around 10 days. Still unaware of many large-scale astrological patterns, I became more familiar with the energy and meaning of eclipses. A major realization for me at that time, the fact that ‘triggering planetary transits’ reawaken an eclipse’s energy even years after it occurs still remains one of my most important research points.

Mars is now approaching another two-yearly ingress into Cancer. What makes this particular transit special is not its recurrence, but the fact that last year we had an important Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer, one of the Cardinal points of the zodiac. Teal’s observations include data upon the major events of 2001/02/03, which included 9/11 and the Middle Eastern military interventions; all events which were concomitant with a similar astrological dynamic. It is worth remembering how an eclipse (whether Solar or Lunar) occurring upon one of these Cardinal degrees can be seen as a relatively rare occurrence. For instance, no such eclipses had occurred for around a century before the Cancer Solar Eclipse of June 2001 arrived. Instead, this century we have already had two (2001 and 2020), while the next one will occur in 2033 at 0 Libra (Solar Partial), followed by another one at 0 Cancer in 2039 (Solar Annular). The 2050s will bring three of such pivotal eclipses (in Libra, then Aries, then Cancer). What this picture suggests is that the 21st century may well be as pivotal as the 19th was. Looking back at the 1800s we can clearly perceive their major evolutionary signature, with the industrial revolutions, the birth of new social movements and, most importantly, the birth of modern nations. A whole article wouldn’t be enough to list the various aspects of social change experienced throughout the 19th century. However, one of the aspects which seems most significant to me is the way the Western world gave birth to new forms of collective coexistence, embracing republican dreams and reshaping the political balance. It is worth remembering how major philosophical movements and political ideologies were conceived during those times, the very same concepts which fecundated the darker side of the 1900s. It takes little to realize that the madness of the first half of the 1900s was after all rooted in the major social developments of the previous century. Marxist theories eventually developed into a multi-faceted political response to the utopianism of the mid-1800s, constellated by one of the most prominent Saturn-Neptune conjunctions of modern history. Whether we call it Leninism, Stalinism, Nazism or Fascism, those movements were after all rooted in the same mid-1800s utopian vision of a levelled society. From a detached perspective, we can clearly see how during the first half of the 1900s society was still experiencing the power of the immense cultural, technological, ideological and religious changes of the 1800s. How interesting to see that throughout the 19th century six eclipses occurred at 0 degrees of Cardinal signs.

Many astrologers still tend to excessively narrow down their research, avoiding the ‘big picture’. I understand that everyone’s research focuses on different aspects, and that some prefer to mainly deal with the day-to-day unfoldment of quicker planetary patterns. After quite a few years of personal research on eclipses, I deem it necessary to consider the big picture because, after all, the incidence of such astronomical events is embedded in the long-term setting of Saros cycles. Each cycle lasts for centuries, therefore I consider it quite reductive to excessively narrow down the timescale of our research on eclipses.

Mars as a trigger

One of the important facts of these years is the recurring reactivation of a cascade of recent eclipses which occurred in Cancer / Capricorn. The main actor is obviously Mars, with its two-yearly cycle. Some significant eclipses were in fact multiply activated in early 2020 by an extremely charged pileup of transiting planets in Capricorn. In December 2020: the Cosmic Shift I briefly outlined the role played by the forceful and regenerative Mars – Pluto cycle during this pandemic. Back in December 2020 we were at the end of a long 1st quarter phase, with all sorts of obstacles inflaming the global battle against the greatest ‘social perturbation’ of our times. Now that Mars enters Cancer, it will move towards its opposition to Pluto (June 2021), which may well represent another turning point along this unmanageable COVID story. This is because by mid-year this particular cycle will enter its waning phase. Let’s not forget that the COVID outbreak became a worldwide concern around the early stages of the current Mars – Pluto cycle, back in March 2020. I would like to remind the reader that China (founded on October 1st 1949) draws its force, militarily and economically, from a Mars-Pluto conjunction in mid-Leo. How interesting that the country has become a protagonist during the most influential Mars – Pluto waxing hemicycle of our times! The current Saturn – Uranus square will also trigger China’s sensitive Mars – Pluto conjunction over the next months.

What about last year’s Great Eclipse?

As soon as Mars enters Cancer on April 23rd, the degree upon which the Cancer Solar Eclipse of June 2020 fell will be stimulated again. What does this mean?

I invite you all to read again my article The Great Eclipse, in which I provided an in-depth explanation of the possible dynamics at play. For years, every subsequent major ingress into Cardinal signs may coincide with a reawakening of those energies, to a greater or lesser extent. This is what occurred after the Cancer Solar Eclipse of June 2001. Each subsequent conjunction or opposition of Mars reawakened the craziness of 9/11, as a global revision of national security measures went through subsequent stages. Needless to say, the events of 2001 changed certain aspects of human life all across the globe. The events of 2020 won’t be less impactful at all, I believe.

In The Great Eclipse I specified how, for several reasons, the event in question is geographically linked to the Sino-Indian question. One of those is the fact that both national charts carry pivotal planetary placements around the first degrees of Cancer. Especially the Indian Mars (Independence chart of 1947) presents a very irritable force within the region. The Eclipse of June 2020 fell at the Midheaven, as shown in the picture below. This reinforces the impact this particular eclipse may bear upon the Asian continent throughout this decade. There is a possibility that the border dispute, or any other issues related to both India and China, become prominent in late April/early May 2021. What seems quite interesting is that the 2021 Cancer Solar Ingress (Summer Solstice chart), cast for New Delhi, features Uranus at the Midheaven and Saturn at the Descendant. India has its post-colonial roots in a prominent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in mid-Leo (closely aligned with China’s Mars-Pluto conjunction). This means that India is going through a phase of major reorientation too. All sorts of social issues which have arisen and will keep on surfacing in the next few months will eventually be seen as the manifestation of the current Saturn – Uranus transiting square. This renovating, uprooting and revolutionary force will be sweeping across degrees closely related to the position Pluto held just after WWII. As I explained in 2020/30 – A SIGNIFICANT DECADE FOR HUMANITY, this means that our modern geo-political framework is in for some sort of revision. It is quite hard to see what’s in store, but over the course of this decade, many of the current challenges will prove to be major triggers for profound international changes.

solar eclipse june 2020 cancer india china cartography mundane astrology

Russia, the USA and their ongoing metamorphoses

In the early 2000s Putin entered the global scene. A strong leader who surely helped a country which was still recovering from its major reformation of the late 1980s. Putin was first inaugurated as president back in May 2000, under the second last Jupiter – Saturn conjunction. That planetary cycle ended in December 2020. It may not be a coincidence that the country is now facing major challenges, exactly 2 decades after the Putin era begun. Another important configuration which features in his first inauguration chart is a Fixed Waxing Square between Saturn and Uranus. We are now facing the Waning Square of the same cycle (read more on Saturn – Uranus Square: the World Changing). In other words, we are at the opposite phase of this reformatory cycle. Over the next few years the Saturn – Uranus square will be sweeping across Aquarius and Taurus, reaching the very degrees occupied within the inauguration chart. It may be quite interesting to see how the Russian collective scenario will evolve by the time Saturn reaches the 20th degree of Aquarius in the spring of 2022. Also, the Russians are undergoing a collective Saturn return, considering that modern Russia was established in the early 1990s. Last but not least, two major conjunctions are ahead for the socialist world, explained in Saturn-Neptune and Politics. Countries like Russia are currently moving towards the Piscean Jupiter – Neptune conjunction of 2022, and the 2026 visionary Saturn – Neptune conjunction at 0 Aries.

Those two important events will also relate to the current Democratic landscape of the USA. In fact, the current Jupiter – Neptune cycle began in 2009, when Obama was first sworn in. The cyclical nature of history is a fact which cannot be overlooked. On top of all that, the USA is going through its second Neptune opposition and its first Pluto return. As I wrote in several articles over the last few months, the country is at a major crossroads. The Neptunian side of this struggle is recalling all sorts of racial issues, such as what occurred back in the 1860s, during the first opposition. The Pluto return is something which we may need to closely observe and study, given its slow, covert and unprecedented nature. At an archetypal level the country’s inner landscape is set to powerfully shift, and we may see all sorts of deep-seated, hidden and unsolved issues come to the front. Pluto is closely related not only to crime, but also to abductive power. The constant rise of internal violence or external military interventions may be part of the picture. Let’s not forget how Plutonian Biden’s natal chart is, by the way. Moreover, his inauguration chart, examined in A Tough Ride Ahead, features Pluto at the Midheaven. That’s a sign of powerful dynamics and constant changes at play within the government during the next few years. Something to keep in mind. We just need to wait and see how these changes will manifest collectively. As of now, nobody really knows what lessons will be offered to Americans.

Over the next few years, several countries, including Russia and the USA, will be evolving and transforming from within.

Back in August 2017, in the midst of a very important phase of my life, I took part to one of the summer events organized by the Faculty of London. I spent an eye-opening week in Oxford, together with a unique international audience. I do consider that time as a pivotal stage of my intense journey towards metaphysics and spirituality. Embedded in the timeless setting of Exeter College, I felt I had just become part of an interestingly like-minded community, whose members I could easily understand, simply because we were all able to speak the same language: that of the skies. I can’t forget the moment when Michael Lutin, a renowned guest, gave his evening lecture in the college’s refined and old-fashioned auditorium. The American astrologer, with unique directness and pleasurable informality, expressed his valuable insight about 2020, which was at that time two and a half years away from us. He spoke of ‘survival’, and how the strongest individuals would soon need to carry the world towards a whole new age. Consequently he went on explaining the deeper side of Capricornian energy. His words sent chills down my spine, but that was nothing compared to what I feel nowadays every single time that lecture comes back to my mind. Amazingly, during that one-week event I was surrounded by people who shared my interest and concerns about a year (2020) which was after all not that far from us. As someone said at some point during those days, astrology is a calling and, once you’re in, life is seen through a different perspective. I am sure many astrologers very well understand how meaningful these words are for me, especially considering all that has been occurring around us over the last year or so.

Now, as the world visibly enters a new evolutionary phase, society struggles to adapt to a whole new way of living. The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered our foundations, undermining aspects of collective life which seemed to be as solid as rock, hurling the whole of humanity into a transitional period of historic importance.

A lot has been written about the myriad of astrological influences which have accompanied us through the last 15 months. Nevertheless, I deem it extremely important to primarily focus on how the awakening of deep Capricornian energy in 2020 determined an unprecedented impasse, characterized by extraordinary waves of fear and restrictions. The beauty of astrological thought reemerges at times like these, during which we realize how modernity and progress do not ‘immunize’ society from the archetypal storms which symbolically and periodically emerge around the zodiac.

To gain a clear picture amidst the ongoing confusion, it is very important to ‘zoom out’ and look at the long-term unfolding of planetary patterns.

Three majorly important conjunctions from year 2020 are to be noted:

  • Saturn-Pluto (Capricorn)
  • Jupiter-Pluto (Capricorn)
  • Saturn-Jupiter (Aquarius)

Since the occurrence of the single Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22Capricorn46 in early January 2020, the world has been spiraling into a close fight with the invisible enemy we all know about. The three consequent  Jupiter-Pluto exact conjunctions were undoubtedly linked with times of ‘expansion and acceleration’ of this global wave of fear, sickness and legislative oppression. Under this aspect, which protracted throughout the whole of last year, the enactment of tough legislation became necessary for governments. At the same time, though lots of concerns were legitimately raised, it is interesting to note how the new Jupiter-Pluto ‘moral code’ became a painful but unavoidable experience. By the time the third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurred in November 2020, another wave of lockdowns started, obviously raising all sorts of mixed opinions, painfully deepening the social and ideological split which is still plaguing this world.

Back in October 2020 I wrote:

the last of these three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions may well represent the ultimate shock which will finally start propelling the world towards a new direction.

Obviously, nobody knew which direction this world was set to follow from there onward. When we look back at those intense weeks of November and December, not only do we see the beginning of a raging political battle in the USA, but also the arrival of the first COVID vaccine. The official remedy to an unsustainable problem had finally arrived, together with another major spike in cases. There was great awareness of society’s desperate need to decisively turn the page, due to the lack of sustainability of such a prolonged nightmare.

However, the archetypal struggle we lived through during last year’s Capricornian buildup determined a massive impasse which is very difficult to erase, and which still carries all the characteristics of this Earthy sign. The Saturnian boundaries therefore erected have been acting so powerfully on us all. Human heritage and historical facts have also been profoundly challenged under the action of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This phenomenon has manifested all around the globe, as an essential part of the ongoing process of social dismantlement and widespread metamorphosis.

On 2019 New Year’s eve Rick Levine posted his January 2020 forecast on YouTube. Speaking from Koh Phangan, he beautifully described what was yet unknown to humanity. He spoke of the ‘birthing of a new way of living’, referring to the upcoming and unusual pileup of slow planetary forces in Capricorn, the sign of the establishment and traditions. He made it clear that 2020 would soon become a major turning point, not less important than the late 1960s had been for society at large. I invite you all to watch that interesting video when you have time.

The aftermath: an Aquarian tale

The cosmic event most awaited by astrologers seems to have been the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius. Back in October 2020 I wrote:

‘all that can be said is that it will surely set the tone for the years to come, determining an upsurge of ‘Airy’ energy, possibly at the dawn of a very dynamic period for humanity. With both planets shifting into an Air sign after all that has occurred, we may expect significant changes to affect the global scenario. This will likely influence the political, social, financial and ideological balance. Aquarius’ progressive approach will most likely create initial confusion in a world which still finds it so hard to gain the momentum it has so violently lost. As it is the case with every conjunction, oblivion will dominate at first, though the awareness of a new beginning will gradually emerge in the collective mind.’

One does not need to be an astrologer to understand how the sudden explosion of egalitarian, progressive and groundbreaking ideas was powerfully initiated right after Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius. Major corporations and governments are now beginning to set new rules, establishing deep changes in law, finance, fashion and technology. I find it quite interesting to look at how the concept of ‘leadership’ is set to radically evolve. I personally belong to a hierarchical industry which has been suffering heavily throughout the pandemic, due to the unprecedented restrictions which were suddenly imposed upon the whole sector. The industry is now witnessing an unavoidable and most probably necessary transformation. In my opinion, all this is going to lead towards an important revision of old-fashioned patterns that have become unsustainable during this highly-digitalized and ideologically fervent era. For centuries, the maritime sector has thrived through the enactment of strong pyramidal control and excessive traditionalism. It has obviously been necessary and beneficial to maintain solid foundations, yet during the pandemic all sorts of long-standing issues eventually became exposed. Simply enough, the times are drastically changing, and the leadership styles so far broadly enacted and accepted across the industry may not be considered beneficial or appropriate by future generations. Open-mindedness lies in accepting and constructively understanding the current Aquarian wave which is rapidly and irreversibly sweeping all over the world. This is one example of how the pandemic will eventually be seen as a powerful trigger of profound social changes.

Going back to my astrological analysis, the period across 2021 and 2022 is going to be characterized by a forceful square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is currently sweeping through 7 to 13 degrees of Fixed signs, interestingly stimulating to a greater or lesser extent the Leonine Pluto placements of all nations and institutions established during the second half of the 1940s, right after WWII. Within this group we can find India, China, Israel, North and South Korea, the UN and NATO. It seems obvious that the ideological foundations upon which they were founded are set to be drastically reviewed, possibly initiating an important reinvention of the post-WWII world. In broader terms, the current Saturn-Uranus waning square will represent the onset of another reorientation phase for the world at large. Affecting Fixed signs, the configuration will be accompanied by widespread resistance to change. The main challenge of the next few years will be that of finding ways to ‘let go’ of the past and embrace an early view of the future. The square is already reawakening buried humanitarian issues, challenging the ‘status quo’ of big nations and questioning the foundations of important organizations such as the UN and EU. The last quarter of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle will create the typical planetary crisis which initiates a redirection towards the next astrological cycle. By 2032, when the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction arrives, the geo-political scene may have changed a lot, and new treaties or alliances may have been discussed or established.

Piscean fluidity

Year 2022 will be accompanied by a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This event may foster renewed diplomacy around the world, yet humanity may risk allowing for new utopianism and devotional fanaticism to rise. Given the Piscean emphasis of this socially-oriented new cycle, I do expect major developments to affect pharmaceutics, oil production and distribution, the maritime industry and the global religious balance. These themes may already gain some prominence during Jupiter’s brief passage in early Pisces around mid-2021, and then at its final ingress into this Water sign at the very end of 2021.

Leaving the ‘old world’ behind

The next few years will provide us with a cascade of important astrological occurrences. Considering both the upcoming ingress of Pluto into Aquarius and the progressive development of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, it seems clear that the current social opening towards inclusion and renovation is just the beginning of a very long phase of ideological rebirth. Perhaps the main event will be the shift of Pluto into Aquarius in 2023/2024, with three consecutive ingresses (due to its retrogradation). We should not forget that the dismantlement of societal structures we perceived in 2020 was just the apex of Pluto’s action in Capricorn, where it had been residing since 2008. The long war to the Establishment, under its countless forms, has become uncontainable during the pandemic. However, it won’t be before Pluto finally moves to the next sign that we will leave certain outdated values and structures behind, to fully embrace a long battle for equality and progressivism.

Looking at faster planetary movements, we may expect any ‘new ideas’ reawakened in early 2021 to visibly challenge the status quo when Jupiter and Saturn reach their waxing semi-square in 2022/2023. By the time they form a square in 2024/2025, the world will need to face all kinds of challenges related to the ‘edification’ of a new collective morality. The major turning point will be represented by the long Jupiter-Saturn opposition period of December 2029 / October 2031, which is going to be analyzed below.

2026: so unique!

A pivotal moment seems to be represented by the strikingly unique Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2026. It will be harmonically connected with Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus/Gemini. Such a Minor Grand Trine between slow-moving planets is a rare occurrence and, given its harmonic nature, we shall probably be quite optimistic about it. By mid-year, the whole configuration will have developed into a trapezoid figure, with Jupiter in early Leo. We may start looking at the middle part of this decade as a time of widespread expansion and constructive opportunities. By then, the Planetary Index between slow planets will go beyond 180 degrees. After last year’s minimum, which coincided with extreme social contraction, we have to wait until the opening phase of 2026 to see the full extent of our new social potential.

Two major nations

The Saturn-Neptune conjunction of February 2026 will fall on the first degree of Aries, a mundanely sensitive point. Studies have shown how the Saturn-Neptune cycle has been closely connected with the rises and falls of socialism over the last two centuries. The latest conjunction fell in Capricorn and it was also accompanied by Uranus; this happened during the dissolution of the Soviet world. Perhaps the next conjunction, prominently placed on a very influential point, could herald a rebirth or revision of the same utopian socialist dream of a leveled society. Also, messianic (often controversial) figures tend to rise under such planetary influences, during times in which society seeks to turn vision into reality and vice versa.

By the second half of the decade, in the wake of both their Pluto return and second Neptune opposition, the USA will probably emerge deeply transformed. In 2027/2028 the USA will go through their 3rd Uranus return. The transit will be accompanied by an unusual Minor Grand Trine with Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius. Such planetary pattern may actually suggest a period of great advancements for society, and the USA may benefit directly from it. The nation will likely experience extreme dynamism when Jupiter will square Uranus across 9 degrees of Virgo-Gemini in the second part of 2027. This reactive configuration will strongly act upon the American Independence chart’s Uranus. Generally speaking, previous transits of Uranus across 8-10 degrees of Mutable signs have coincided with ideological polarization, popular divisions or military actions for the country, such as in 1860/61 and 1944. The next return will be accompanied by the passage of Jupiter through Virgo, which will likely intensify the country’s quest for renewal.

During the same period, Saturn will square national Pluto from late Aries. From a mundane point of view, such transit will precede the waxing square of the newborn Saturn-Pluto cycle. Therefore, it may be argued that the rise of deep changes within the global business, which started at the dawn of the pandemic, during the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, will reach a critical stage around 2027. Under the influence of the waxing square, that will be a time which Dane Rudhyar would have defined as the ‘edification phase’ along this cycle of global dismantlement.

It is quite important to remember that the 1991 Russian national chart portrays Mars at 6 degrees of Sagittarius and Saturn at 3 degrees of Aquarius. Both placements will be powerfully triggered by the transits of 2027/2028. The already mentioned waxing Jupiter-Uranus Mutable square will powerfully align with the Russian Mars, while the waxing Saturn-Pluto square will exert pressure on national Saturn, placed at 3 degrees of Aquarius. It also has to be said that modern Russia is currently facing its first Saturn return, which will soon be followed by the transit of Pluto across the same part of the zodiac. This simply indicates a massive act of ‘reassessment’ and possibly ‘reconstruction’ for the whole nation and its international influence.

The 2030s: a new world?

As mentioned, the start of the next decade will be accompanied by another major cosmic event. The next Saturn-Uranus conjunction will occur in Gemini in 2032. Jupiter will be opposing the autocratic duo from visionary Sagittarius the year before, when Saturn and Uranus will have already reached a reasonable orb of conjunction. This means that two major cycles will reach pivotal phases around the turn of the decade. Undoubtedly, a major reshuffle of forces is due to occur during those years. After a turbulent second half of the decade, humanity may get an opportunity to generate a new framework of political, financial and ideological forces worldwide. Considering the signs involved, and with Jupiter (in dignity) participating to such a highly charged configuration, ideological or religious matters may dominate the global scene. We will perhaps end up seeing the next Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter configuration as the dawn of yet another social, economic, political and cultural phase. The current Saturn-Uranus cycle originated in 1988, during the fall of the Eastern Block. Since then, the USA has practically exercised its hegemony on world affairs. The next conjunction may therefore coincide with another cyclical swing of the worldly economic focus towards a different area of the globe.

Religious reformation

The Neptune-Pluto cycle, which started in 1891, will stay on its waxing sextile from 2026 to 2032. This extremely slow outer cycle determines fluctuations in the collective balance of faith and devotion. The Gemini 1891/1892 conjunction stands as the second one of the current series in Air signs. The series began in 1398/1399 at the time of the Catholic Western Schism, with three exact conjunctions in Gemini. Throughout the first half of the 16th century, during the waxing first quarter, the Protestant Reformation ignited Europe, eventually leading to the Counter-Reformation launched by Catholics under the waxing square of the mid-1500s. The whole process reached its culmination during the opposition of 1644-1648, at the end of the Thirty Years’ War.

We are now living through a very long transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age (totally unrelated to the conjunction of December 2020), a fact which further explains the visible mutation of general awareness towards ‘broad spirituality’. Today’s world is gradually leaving ‘blind dogmatism’ behind. As mentioned, a unique Minor Grand Trine between Pluto, Uranus and focal Neptune will characterize the middle part of the current decade. We may therefore expect to witness the grounding of ‘new-age spirituality’ into tangible form by then. Though still in its primitive development phase, the current Neptune-Pluto cycle is already manifesting profound challenges against the ‘old religious order’, and it will probably reach a critical point in the 2060s, during the waxing square in Mutable signs.


In order to understand where, along its evolutionary path, the current society seems to be, it is worth looking at the declination cycles of Uranus and Pluto across the last three centuries. Both planets reached maximum northern declination in the late 1600s. This coincided with the height of absolutism in Europe, under the French monarchy of Louis XIV. During the following decades, the Age of Enlightenment started challenging totalitarianism. That phase ended with the contra-parallel between Uranus and Pluto in the late 1700s, when major shakeups occurred in society. The French and American revolutions determined the ultimate collapse of power centralization. In a cyclic fashion, the decades that followed determined a fresh rise of totalitarianism, with Napoleon’s dictatorship and the rise of nationalism across Europe. The northward movement of Pluto continued for a very long time, and it reached culmination in the late 1940s, during WWII. Another phase of power centralization had completed. It was followed by the Cold War and widespread democratization in the West. This trend will eventually shift in the early 2030s, when Pluto reaches maximum southern declination and Uranus reaches maximum northern declination. The last contra-parallel occurred in the late 1700s. We may expect the next decade to be another moment of great realization for humanity at large. This confirms the ideas suggested earlier on in this article.

If seen from such perspective, the current turmoil caused by the pandemic seems no more than a specific episode which stands along a series of historic changes in a constantly mutating world.

Stefano Stracuzzi

April 18th 2021



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Let’s talk about the Planetary Index again.
How many of you have noticed that last year’s northern summertime coincided with a generalised relaxation of all fears and restrictions? But strikingly, the average feeling all over the word was one of contraction during the southern summertime (Dec. 2020 onwards). This was when the inner planets and Luminaries re-entered an area delimited by the 2020 cluster in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. The shift was palpable in mid-November 2020 already, when Venus was the last to make an opposition to Uranus, a time when the decreasing index crossed the threshold of 180 degrees. The situation during those weeks was also aggravated by the last of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn. During last year’s northern summertime and autumn, as the Sun transited Gemini through Sagittarius, some sort of generalised expansion occurred. It’s way too easy to say that such was due to the ‘flu’ disappearing because of the weather. I’m well aware of the fact that astrologers can actually see way beyond that.

After the New Moon of May 11th we may progressively, week after week, find ways to embrace more freedom, releasing some feelings of restriction. We should not forget that the lower tones (slow planets), are still going to remain in ‘low index’. This means that it’s likely that any progressive improvement to social life will not override the ‘fear’ so far built up.

André Barbault wrote at length about the concentration or de-concentration of planets around the zodiac. In simple words, there are visible differences between those times when only a restricted area of the zodiac gets busy and those in which an even spread is visible.

As I’ve written for quite a few months, we are living times of extreme social contraction, mainly because Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto currently occupy slightly less than one third of the zodiac. The social and outer planets, with their relatively slow cycles, rule societal dynamics on a large space/time scale, so the next few years are likely to offer a slow catch-up for us all. By the time Jupiter conjoins Uranus in 2024, with an upsurge of innovative/visionary energy, we may have created the foundations of a completely new societal structure, which will be ready to expand.

We are living though a half-decade of generalised rebirth.

The 1801 chart is probably one of the most used by mundane astrologers.

In an article published last December, I outlined how this particular chart is currently developing an interesting Leonine concentration through Secondary Progressions. A Progressed New Moon will be exact this year, accompanied by Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the same sign. As I wrote a few months ago, this whole configuration carries a ‘royal’ flavour. In other words, we are possibly looking at the very early stages of a reformation of the British monarchical system.

Obviously, when we look at Progressed soli-lunar cycles, we have to consider a period of roughly 28 solar years; interestingly enough, this very cycle is similar in duration to the cycle of Saturn by transit.

As of now, the Progressed Moon of this specific mundane chart is at 12 Leo, in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and forming a square with national Mars in Taurus. Also, it is approaching an important triple conjunction with both the progressed Sun and Jupiter. This progressed New Moon will directly stimulate the national Grand Cross between Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Mars. All these factors enhance the visibility and importance of this astrological progression.

The current Saturn-Uranus transiting square is going to be stimulating those Fixed degrees in 2021/2022. Also, transiting Chiron is now square the UK Sun. Given the concentration of Leonine/Solar energy, there is a good chance that any upcoming major changes will primarily affect the monarchical system.

As expected, the royal family has been gaining quite a lot of visibility over the last few months. Perhaps the most significant event so far has been the recently announced death of Prince Philip.

In my article I highlighted how important these months are likely to be for Prince Charles, given the multiple activations of his synastry with the mother Elizabeth II.

Also, let’s not forget that 2032 will open a new Saturn-Uranus cycle. The actual conjunction will occur on Prince William’s natal Descendant in late Gemini. Also, his Cancer Sun has been Eclipsed in 2020. As faster planets will stimulate that very degree over the next few years, new doors may progressively open along his path.

Read also: UK, Brexit, and COVID #2

As we go through this extraordinary historic phase, we easily come to realise how drastically can both our collective and individual lives change. I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks, barely managing to publish New Moon reports on this website. However, I should get up and running with my astrological work again shortly, providing all the necessary feedback to those who are seeking some form of deeper knowledge.

One of the important facts which I’d really like to point out is that the lunar axis is now halfway through its passage across the Gemini-Sagittarius duality. I’d like to remind all readers that this couple of years is bringing us the opportunity to reassess our knowledge, morality and discernment. In other words, we’ve been looking at the various facets of undiscriminated dissemination of news and ideas. I don’t think we are being called to seek the ultimate truth, but simply to seek OUR individual path though the use of reason. What each soul’s path has in store is extremely personal and incomparable between different people.

The upcoming ingress of Jupiter in Pisces (May 14th) might significantly give us a quick peek into the future of our worldwide struggle with ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘seafaring’ issues (see how the latest Piscean New Moon significantly brought up these two topics to the foreground).

Last but not least, let’s not forget how powerfully the Aquarian transits of both Jupiter and Saturn have reawakened all sorts of humanitarian issues. Ranging from discrimination and race-oriented crime, to the widespread questioning of prolonged lockdowns and the manifestation of their effects onto the population at large.

As expected, the sudden Aquarian wave which started off with the Grand Conjunction of last December, has been urging this world to start looking at the large-scale effects of rational/scientific thought, yet providing us all with the opportunity to positively think and act out of the box. It all comes down to what you want to make of the energies involved.


Dear readers, I apologise for not having posted any new articles in a while. Please be aware that I’ve been quite busy with work and that in a few weeks time I will be able to get more involved with my astrological research. I am sure many of us have experienced how hectic the current cosmic situation is. Especially since Mars entered Gemini, a lot of unreleased energy has finally started moving. This is due to the consecutive stimulation of some recent eclipses of major importance.

I will be back very soon, Global Evolution Astrology will keep expanding and providing the general public with free and detailed astrological information related to the global situation.

Thanks a lot for your kind support!

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I’ve been watching people closely and analysing the energies awakened by the current New Moon; the insights offered by this Lunar Month are remarkable.

Interestingly, over the last few days I have perceived extreme and widespread contraction, mixed with unnerving idealism, impatience and vision. The general public is now paying more attention to social issues more than ever. People have been approaching me and raising large-scale political, financial and ideological issues. These are localised manifestations of the early stages of this powerful Aquarian month (read my previous post for more about the New Moon).

Astrologer André Barbault, one of the greatest in mundane research, wrote at length about the so-called ‘Planetary Index’. The extremely idealistic, and possibly utopian energies of this very month are quite indicative of a tight concentration of planets within a relatively narrow area of the zodiac. The current planetary configuration occupies only 113 degrees out of 360! If we consider also the North Node as a generally sensitive and meaningful point in mundane astrology, that index only rises up to 143 degrees. I’m not surprised to see and feel a seemingly insurmountable disparity between ideological projections and physical manifestations at this particular point in history. As Mars and the inner planets move on, things may begin to tangibly shift. However, the big picture suggests that no significant global boom is foreseeable before 2026.

In other words, the 2020 impasse continues to stay with us, due to its enormous inertia, partially symbolised under the guise of a low Planetary Index.
The degree of social contraction we are now just beginning to widely question is not easy to erase. However, it is at times of major conjunctions that we envision the future.

2021/22 will constitute an extended phase of social battles and ideological reformations aimed at dismantling the latest global contraction.
The Saturn-Uranus square will be with us for months, so the level of social unrest, humanitarian awakening and freedom fighting so far witnessed are the beginning of a profound transformation for humanity at large.

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Aquarian energy at its strongest…
The next lunar month starts with the New Moon of February 11th.
It will occur at 23 Aquarius, accompanied by an extraordinary alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the same sign.
It seems quite obvious that humanitarian themes will reach an unprecedented climax between February and March. At the beginning of this year our collective attention visibly turned towards social issues and communitarian dynamics. The dismantling impasse of 2020, manifested under an extraordinary Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment in Capricorn, has left very unstable territory behind. The succession of Aquarian/Uranian patterns in 2021/22 will deeply scrutinise and question last year’s social, judicial, financial, ideological and political dynamics.

The next lunar month will more clearly manifest the foundations of this new global/social reality which is still at its birthing phase. As I have specified several times over the last few months, soli-lunar cycles are fast, so they trigger background forces around the zodiac. This year’s main influences are linked to the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus squares in Fixed signs. February further unlocks that revolutionary, humanitarian, communitarian and ideological energy.

At the New Moon, Neptune will be culminating over Washington DC. This means that some degree of uncertainty and confusion may become visible within governmental circles.
When Neptune is prominent within mundane charts, fascination often meets illusion. Especially during these Uranian times, rational and groundbreaking at their very core, Neptune can turn out to be a really confusing and destabilising influence for the community. Let’s not forget that Neptune often addresses humanity’s archaic need for idolatry and devotion. In DC the New Moon will fall within the 9th House of foreign affairs, as Jupiter features on a tight conjunction with Venus. The Sagittarian South Node and Mercury will form a partile sextile, while squaring both Neptune and the MC/IC axis. With this series of combinations foreign issues and large-scale judicial matters may be on the foreground.

On a general note, the wide square of this Sun-Moon alignment with Mars in Taurus denotes generalised dynamism, while the tight Mercury-Mars may bring fiery quarrels within a confused media community. All in all, this New Moon chart carries a powerful ideological and groundbreaking signature.

Interestingly, the New Moon will conjoin the USA national Moon, so the current energetic shakeup may directly affect the population, which remains dangerously split by two main currents of thought. Our rational judgement and ideological balance are powerfully tested during these Aquarian days.

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USA Presidential Inauguration Biden Mundane Astrology Horoscope
USA Presidential Inauguration
January 20th 2021 11:49 EST Washington DC

Let’s start from the fact that I’m not American, so I don’t ‘cheer’ for any political side. From an astrological point of view, I am fascinated by the archetypal war which has been raging all across, the understanding of which can really tell us a lot.
As I’ve written in ‘Neptune vs Uranus: Redemption or Revolution’, the current social split is not only painful, but deeply evolutionary. We have assisted to the raging clash between ‘messianic illusion’ and ‘revolutionary shakeup’. As expected, the revolutionary side gained and continues to earn enormous popularity, heavily denting the messianic side which eventually made its way through the administrative process. I’ve been writing for months that Trump is in a ‘socially-expansive phase’. Just look at the worldwide movement he has just created. We may either agree or disagree with it, because of its inherent ‘Uranian’ reactivity; however, we have to acknowledge the existence of a new major current which connects a huge number of people all over the world. That Uranian clash has just begun in the skies, and it will be accompanying the Earthly reality for quite a while. Unfortunately and very sadly, that current includes extremists, who are only able to express violence and hatred for their own lives. Don’t forget that the very same extremism co-exists on both sides of this coin. In astrology we thankfully learn to look at the bi-polar nature of Creation. Now more than ever we should become aware of the co-existence of opposing archetypes at any time in history.

As I wrote for months, the most interesting astrological considerations are not about who would enter the White House, but about the dual-sided mass psychological phenomenon which has been developing all over the world. Now this planet is split between those who see this Aquarian shift as a breakup from the fear of 2020 and those who see it as a reason to equalize the people through new large-scale regularization. Nobody can say who’s right or wrong with absolute certainty, because reality can be different from what you believe it to be. During my illuminating journeys to India I learned about the mythological concept of ‘Maya’, the illusion of life. In fact, life is represented by what you ‘constantly perceive’, and without that physical perception, existence as we know it would simply cease to ‘be’.

The difficulties endured by the current generations will pave the way for a different future. In the long term I’m sure it will be brighter for all; however, as shown by this Inauguration chart, the road is long, dangerous and irregular.

What stands out is a prominent 10th House, filled with a Sun-Saturn-Jupiter cluster. I agree on the fact that its powerful Aquarian signature is interesting and that it does look like a blow of fresh air. However, heavy disturbances from the 12th don’t really make it as friendly and serene. What strikes me, and should strike every astrologer on this planet, is the angular placement of Pluto over the MC. I’m not an advocate of traditionalist astrological views, so I don’t believe in ‘malefic’ planets, nonetheless a deeply emotional and power-oriented signature belongs to the status of this chart. Liz Greene wrote about Pluto journeys never being ‘fun’, no matter how modern an astrologer you like to be seen as. Biden himself is a Plutonian person, with a Scorpio Sun hidden in the 12th House, and Pluto + chart ruler Jupiter in the 8th. I can tell you his chart is not an easy one, in fact he didn’t really have an easy life after all.

As I’ve mentioned briefly, another important factor is the presence of that Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th. It is quite a thorny signature for such an important event, no doubt about it. Which side of this crazy struggle it actually represents is not my interest or concern, but we can’t deny the fact that hidden influences will affect this Presidency for sure. With the Moon just 7 degrees away from that conjunction, its secondary progression will bring it right through that Fixed planetary storm later this year.
Beautiful isn’t it?
What are we actually looking at here? Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead but, as forecasted months ago by the most respectable astrologers, this chart is not an easy one. Great disruption and coercion are embedded into its planetary patterns. Where and whom that coercion will come from is a mystery as of now, but it’s written right there. It doesn’t necessarily mean that things are likely to be perceived as negative or that more fear will afflict this crazy historical time, but perhaps that the new administration is going to face major, historical challenges. As I wrote months ago, the alignment of that 1st quarter Soli-Lunar phase with the ongoing Fixed square speaks volumes about a major split between the government and the people. I think everybody can see that by themselves. The unprecedented popular split is likely to pose major challenges for this administration. Also, that Void-of-course Moon in the 12th House applying to a shaky and reactive Mars-Uranus conjunction (so tight!), should make us think that a large part of popular consensus will be unstable and possibly grow more ‘detached’ from the Presidential 10th House cluster. Don’t forget that Biden is going through a Pluto opposition to his chart ruler and a transit of Neptune across his IC as of now.
There is a lot of pressure on him, and it’s not of an exciting type.

Another interesting fact is that the current opposition of Pluto to national Mercury across 23-24 Capricorn/Cancer is here brought onto the meridian axis. This is no little thing at all. In other words, the Inauguration IC coincides with national Mercury. This is deeply related to the large amount of dissent which has arisen from the election dispute. The IC is symbolically rooted onto the territory and its people. That Pluto-Mercury struggle is embedded into this Inauguration. It speaks of administrative and information-related issues. That’s pure mundane Mercury-Pluto symbolism. Interestingly, Biden’s 8th House Jupiter (shared wealth and moral judgement) is conjunct that troubled Inauguration IC. We have to say that the same crazy area of the zodiac which has ruled over the 2020 pandemic and the election dispute is still there, quite public for everyone to see. It will be interesting to see how that configuration plays out.

A nicer influence seems to appear in that Aquarian Mercury over the 11th cusp. It is quite communicative and open-minded I would say, especially because it combines with the Nodes via soft aspects. However, let’s not forget that Neptune stands nervously a semi-sextile away, itself having facilitated the popular division, glamorously squaring the Nodes throughout the last few months!
Last but not least, in early February we will have an inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction (which means that Mercury will be retrograde) at 20 Aquarius. Inauguration Mercury is harmoniously placed (overall) but it will go through some form of checkup.
I know many people are rightfully excited about this chart, and I am happy to see smiles rather than anger around, but this chart seems to be more of a ‘divisive’ than a ‘healing’ one. For the nation, with a Pluto return and another Neptune opposition ahead of itself, two major phases are reproduced soon (1776 and 1861). The unity of the States might even be at stake. I know this seems miles away from what the world feels today, but remember that those long-term evolutionary phases are still ahead and are not perceived right-away.
Hopefully it won’t go that far…
I would invite everybody to look at this chart’s symbolism responsibly, acknowledging the difficulties this country sees ahead of itself. Probably, the dark side of life sadly exists simply because it allows us to grow stronger and brighter.

Let’s hope for the best, and what could help EVERYBODY, and the beautiful UNITED States of America 🇺🇸

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Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you’ve been able to look within yourselves and find some renewed hope, as we symbolically transition into a new civil year. Obviously, this shift is just about ‘date counting’ because, astrologically speaking, we should perhaps look at the whole period between the latest Solstice and the end of January 2021 as a transition phase between two very different collective scenarios. Astrology can show us that the planetary scenario has radically changed, with a completely new setup ruling our near future. The main actors involved are Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which are going to engage in a forceful square for a little while. I would like to emphasize that the shift we are looking at is NOT related to an alleged transition into the ‘Aquarian Age’, as many people think, but simply to the overwhelming energetic shift which recent astrological events have created. In fact, the concept of Astrological Ages is related to a different phenomenon, which is called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’. Also, the question of Ages is much disputed and uncertain, because the exact transition phases are not clearly identifiable. I don’t think we should even pay much attention to Ages right now.

We’ve learned so much from 2020, but it seems that many people were less focused on the underlying movements of such an apparently disastrous year. In the face of modern expectations, those of money and power, we have been disappointed quite heavily by 2020. Perhaps, in the near future most people will be able to realize how necessary that Capricornian dismantlement was. After all, I think the astrologer should be focusing mainly upon the recent insurgence of widespread fear and psychological darkness, rather than the most confusing line of global events ever presented! The year in which the long transit of Pluto through Capricorn reached its ultimate climax, as both Jupiter and Saturn joined forces in the same sign, was the catalyst for a long chain of expected changes which has been affecting, and will continue to affect society at large. Pluto won’t be out of Capricorn for another 4 years, but its dismantlement of societal structures has been heavily aggravated in 2020, and will continue to progress thanks to the enormous momentum just gained. By looking at the symbolism involved, it is quite clear that what we have all experienced has been an unprecedented destabilization of those structures which we used to admire. One interesting part has been the onset of a fierce war between ‘science’ and ‘conspiracy’. It is not the purpose of this article to take sides at all, but I feel that such consideration might help us identify once more how the vision of ‘alternative thinking’ has been trying to take over the ‘well-established’ dogmas of scientific ideology. This struggle between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, and I urge the reader to look at it in archetypal terms, has been dominating the world at large, affecting many other areas of human co-existence.

The struggle leading towards change

In clear Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto fashion, I see the 2020 battle of titans as perhaps one of the harshest struggles for current generations. The events occurred are not likely to fade into oblivion at all. The fact of the matter is that what has changed is our whole perception of this world. For many people this shift is quite unconscious, and shrouded in fear. The paradigm has shifted already when Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn, but we are still at the very initial stages of historic change. If there is one thing you learn through serious mundane astrological research, it is that history follows specific ‘meaningful patterns’. As I explained months ago in 2020 – An Extraordinary Turning Point, the actual events we have been witnessing are to be considered as either physical or psychological manifestations of a much larger pattern. That very pattern is the unceasing cyclicity of time, which astrology reads by looking at planetary movements.

A lot of noise has been generated in recent weeks and, as expected, it was greatly amplified after both Jupiter and Saturn shifted into Aquarius, perfecting their long-awaited conjunction.

As I have recently written in this blog, the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction represents the beginning of a new social cycle, but it has to be put into a much wider context.

Each conjunction represents the moment of ‘birth’ for each cycle, therefore it is generally accompanied by utter oblivion. The new ‘cosmic promises’ put forward around that time are thus presented to society in ‘seed form’, and a full blossoming of those very ideas won’t be visible before the second quarter of the cycle. Between the waxing square and the opposition, the cycle reaches its building stage, in which those new ideas are finally put into practice. The Jupiter – Saturn cycle which has just started will show its Aquarian, revolutionary effects onto finance, politics and society in the years to come. The waxing hemicycle will reach its culmination by 2030, at the next Jupiter-Saturn opposition. I have explained elsewhere that I have grounds to believe that the early 2030s will represent the culmination of a long phase of social renewal which is just starting now. You can watch my video presentation on youTube, which puts the ‘COVID collective panic‘ into a much wider perspective. Needless to say, too many questions remain unanswered with regards to this ‘pandemic of fear’, which ultimately represented a clear manifestation of the 2020 Capricornian planetary lineup.

Science or not, the world is now beginning to ask some very important questions.

In the midst of this complex astrological scenario, in January 2021 we will also be accompanied by the Jupiter – Neptune and Saturn – Neptune waning semi-squares. These two aspects are showing the closure of two important Neptunian cycles, a fact which emphasizes how this month promises to be a major turning point. I have explained the ideological and political meaning of those two semi-squares in: Saturn-Neptune and Politics.

January 2021 and its astrological wildness

Let’s begin to look into the spirit of January 2021. The transits of this month are significantly representative of what’s to come.

Opening up my 2021 ephemeris, I see a few highlights I made last month. What stands out is a series of markings over days 6 to 8. Mars will enter Taurus on January 7th, and Mercury will shift into Aquarius on the 8th. This is probably one of the most significant features of the month, simply because the recently sensitized ‘zero degree’ of Aquarius, where the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction occurred, will be powerfully reactivated by both Mercury and Mars. For quite some time, whenever faster-moving planets or the Sun will move across the early degrees of Fixed signs we are likely to see further developments with regards to the ongoing social shift. In fact, we should not forget that slow cycles, and especially conjunctions, tend to bestow with great symbolic meaning the area of the zodiac where they fall. That meaning is progressively disclosed to the public consciousness as other celestial bodies transit through. This is also how eclipses get to show their effects upon society.

Going back to our January transits, we can see how during the second week of January, as Mercury and Mars square each other, they will ‘energize’ a much more important planetary configuration. The reactionary spirit which has been awakening worldwide is but one of the initial manifestations of a long Saturn – Uranus square. With Mercury entering Aquarius and joining the Jupiter-Saturn-Mars-Uranus standoff, important information may come to the surface, and we, as a collective, will be making our way through what could turn out to be an explosion of words and facts. This will likely affect many areas of collective and individual life, not only politics.

Currently, a complex planetary configuration is initiating us to the revolutionary nature of this whole year. Both Jupiter and Saturn are now gliding along the early degrees of Aquarius, forming a significant square with Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter will move on fairly quickly in a few weeks, but the degree of ideological mobilization which is set to occur in January seems to be significant.

A lot of power-shifting events are set to accompany the slow transits of 2021/2022, and you can read more about it in an article I posted last year: Saturn-Uranus Square: the World Changing. As I explained there, we should expect 2021 and 2022 to bring widespread collapse within Governmental circles, or at least multiple attempts at overturning those structures which have been revealing their weakest spots in 2020.

I have said many times that I find it quite hard to envisage 2021 as a year filled with restrictions and inaction.

An ‘eruptive’ New Moon

I’ve recently written on Instagram (you are more than welcome to follow!), that the recent Cancer Full Moon is not going to magically ‘erase’ the pain of 2020. I saw too many people putting way too many expectations onto the last Full Moon of the year. It was a very sensitive one, of course, but it wouldn’t solve or ‘release’ all our issues at all! Astrology becomes meaningful when we are able to zoom in and out along the timeline, learning how to bring cycles of different duration together. It is like studying sound or light waves: we just need to identify the different harmonics which end up ruling the trends of this world!

The Capricorn New Moon of January 13th is going to be a significant one, but let’s not forget the big picture here. What will make that event so powerful is its close alignment with Pluto. The latter, moving quite slowly, is going to stay around the 24th degree of Capricorn for pretty much the whole year. It is worth to remember that is the area of the zodiac which still carries the symbolic meaning of the 2020 collapse!

I invite all the readers to look at the next lunar month, which obviously begins with that Capricorn New Moon, as one in which we will be looking at ways to start anew. Again, this doesn’t mean that things will drastically change within days or weeks, but simply that the events which accompany us in January 2021 may prove to be quite significant for the future. We will be planting the seeds of renewal this very month. It seems quite interesting to look at all this astrological crescendo, which may eventually take us towards the Leo Full Moon of January 28th with much more awareness of what’s going on.

January as a ‘Uranian’ portal into the future

Uranus will be stationary during the second week of January 2021, a sign that may indicate much will be brewing during those very important days. It seems quite interesting that Uranus stations direct just as Mercury and Mars join the slow planetary standoff. Uranus will finally start moving slowly around mid-month, and I would like to say that a configuration which caught my attention months ago will occur on January 17th. On that day we will have an exact square between Jupiter and a practically stationary Uranus, while Mars is applying to a flamboyant conjunction with the latter. It is worth to mention how the famous astrologer Andre Barbault identified the Jupiter – Uranus cycle as a majorly explosive one. In this case, the presence of Mars within this whole picture promises extreme levels of dynamism! Uranus will still be quite slow at that point, and it won’t gain any decent forward motion at least until the end of February. This increases the level of unpredictability, as Uranus plays an important role in the disruption of mid-January! In fact, we might expect to witness the detonating effect of this particular alignment around mid-month. From a geological point of view, the enormous Fixed energy buildup will be producing enhanced seismic and volcanic activity over the next couple of years. Also, with Uranian energy all over the place, we should not be surprised to hear more about UFOs and secret intelligence declassification in the months to come.

If during the Capricornian impasse of 2020 we were urged to look at what’s tangible and well-known, from now on we will be looking at what’s strange, foreign and hardly explainable. We might be in for quite exciting times.

US Election: a war of archetypes

Another very important feature to consider is that on January 20th Mars will be perfectly aligned with Uranus into a conjunction. Also, a first quarter Moon will be aligned with the first degrees of Aquarius-Taurus, where the whole planetary chaos is going on. I guess pretty much everybody knows what that date actually represents, at least my friends in the United States. The level of disruption the upcoming Inauguration chart presents is just remarkable. One may even wonder whether the ceremony itself will be held without disruption, considering the heated cosmic pattern of that very day. It is obviously impossible to clearly see what’s in store for us all, but via astrological analysis we can catch at least the symbolic meaning of that event. I have written about the upcoming US presidency and its Inauguration in USA Horoscope: a Long Presidency Ahead?, an article which has caught the attention of so many readers. I am also sticking to the idea that Trump, regardless of the confusing battle which is currently raging, is going through a socially expansive phase. As I explained in: US Election 2020 and US Election Update, the transits Trump is going through are incredibly dynamic. Also, enormous pressure has recently been acting over 23-25 degrees of Cardinal signs, heavily stressing his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction in the 11th House. He’s obviously undergoing a huge, painful struggle with his own party. In those articles I have outlined several reasons why he’s actually gaining popularity, a fact which goes beyond the election dispute itself. Trump was born with a natural tendency to be an ‘outsider’, in clear Uranian fashion.

Looking at the other side of this interesting battle, we notice how Uranus, closely aligned with Biden’s natal Descendant, is quite prone to obvious projection. I am tempted to look at the whole Saturn-Uranus conjunction within the 7th House, probably a more psychologically meaningful way of looking at it. It is obvious how in this very complex ‘archetypal’ struggle, Biden has ‘projected’ the dismantling picture of his descending ‘Saturn – Uranus’ conjunction onto the opponent, who is clearly Uranian. Whichever position Trump will be in after the Inauguration, he seems to be expressing the most visible and unstoppable part of some kind of social dynamism written in the Saturn – Uranus signature. Trump was born under a Lunar Eclipse which opposed Uranus, and those very degrees are being reactivated during these difficult months. Also, Trump’s directed Uranus is conjunct the natal Ascendant right now. This signifies a life-changing year ahead for him, possibly full of incredible challenges, but which carries a strong revolutionary, subversive and unpredictable flavor. No wonder why his reactionary political actions have been awakening deep fears within major corporations. The important issue here is not whether we agree with him or not, but whether we understand how he’s part of a mass psychological phenomenon which embodies countless people’s desire to break the boundaries of a restrictive 2020.

As I wrote in the previous paragraph of this article, we are entering Uranian times. One may just try and wonder: who is likely to carry the flag of the social Saturn – Uranus struggle of the next few years? Both parties are asking for some kind of renewal. One side is asking for freedom, the other is asking for equality. These are both noble ‘Aquarian’ ideals. Therefore, it will be quite interesting to find out which side is more authentic in the pursuit of their proposed ideals.

Biden, with Neptune having recently stationed around his natal IC, and the recent pressure exerted upon his chart ruler Jupiter in the 8th House, may see a marked disintegration of popular consensus. The Jupiter – Neptune emphasis these days are bringing into Biden’s life seem to be addressing questions of morality and judgement. His transits show a very different picture from what is going on for Trump. There is a great deal of Neptunian ‘guru-ism’ around Biden right now; many words are being nicely put and they could possibly be beneficial to many people who are looking for ‘redemption’ from their inner despair. However, how far can the people dive into the dreamlike realm of Neptune without encountering ‘disillusionment’? This is a question which I asked myself in another article: Neptune vs Uranus: Redemption or Revolution?.

I don’t think there is any right or wrong outcome to this situation, because years of astrological research have taught me to look at things according to their different archetypal signatures. The only question I urge the reader to ask himself is: what historic phase are we stepping into, from an astrological point of view? Whoever ends up leading the country will definitely have to deal with the Uranian phenomenon which lies ahead. Now, regardless of whoever happens to be President, the two-sided social movement lately generated is likely to accompany us for a long time. There is reason to believe that the painful split the USA are currently experiencing is going to spread out in other countries as well. After all, we need to remember that we are entering extremely dynamic months, with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus.

Are we willing to let go of the past?

How this incredible story of worldwide disruption will play out is a big question, and it might be the best to just acknowledge what the cosmos are showing us, and trust that everything will unfold in a way which represents humanity’s highest good. After years of astrological research, I have come to understand that it is best to accept synchronicity as it comes, because an invisible cosmic plan is always unfolding.

The power of astrology is supreme when we try and look at the events in a more archetypal and most detached manner. I am sure we have a lot to learn from the current events, which are likely to teach us astrologers of the future how to better understand those aspects of collective life which still have a long way to consciously evolve.

‘Are we willing to let go of the past?’

This is the question I urge all my readers to ask themselves now. The astrological scenario of the months to come is quite interesting and DYNAMIC. I wish I could think of a more united world coming up, but I am afraid we will need to go through much social changes before we get there. In the mean time, we should perhaps be trustfully welcoming the start of a new historic phase for humanity at large! Follow me on Instagram (@globalevolutionastrology), and leave your opinions if you wish! Over there we can look at world events in more detail, as they unfold.

My warmest thanks to all, wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Cover image: “Fall of the Titans”. Oil on canvas by Jacob Jordaens, 1638. Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

uk brexit covid horoscope mundane astrology jupiter saturn conjunction aquarius uranus neptune planetary cycles global evolution astrology consciousness evolutionary change

The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction has arrived with much ado. A new destabilizing wave of fear is apparently attacking an exhausted world. The existence of a new strain of COVID virus has been declared days ago. As a consequence, the UK is being isolated from other countries. Apart from Brexit talks, the country is now having to deal with a mutated virus. Under the powerful Aquarian presence of a new Jupiter – Saturn cycle, are we to expect the same level of social contraction which literally halted humanity 9 months ago? I honestly doubt it. The current planetary influences are representative of much needed change. As specified in Jupiter meets Saturn, moving towards Solstice, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are finally engaged in a configuration of considerable importance. The complexity of this ‘Uranian’ pattern is going to set the tone of a new collective force which will be with us for a while. However, due to the relatively quick movement of Jupiter, the long-standing configuration will soon be reduced to a waxing Saturn – Uranus square.

In simple words, we are entering revolutionary times.

As we prepare to de-clutter our lives and embrace what’s new, the UK struggles with Capricorn-like restrictions quite badly. As specified in Jupiter meets Saturn, moving towards Solstice & The Eurozone Under Stress, the whole EU is in for huge changes. The next few months will open a new chapter for the Union. No doubt the current turmoil will affect trade. The UK is already preparing for possible shortages of food, due to the recent disputed declarations. Considering the rapidly shifting astrological landscape, the ongoing developments are going to shed light upon many aspects of collective life. This will affect many levels of social existence, from intergovernmental institutions to individual life. Today’s ingress of the Sun into Capricorn opens a new mundane season and, our star having aligned with Mercury into a superior conjunction, we are being asked to become practical and resolute.


A quick look at the Brexit story might shed some light upon the ongoing turmoil which the UK is experiencing. As you may remember, on June 23rd 2016 a Brexit referendum was held, and it resulted in 51.9% of the votes being cast in favor of leaving the EU. The people voted under a mutable Saturn – Neptune waning square. We will see how the Saturn – Neptune cycle has played an important role for the UK, and not only with regards to Brexit.

The UK joined the European Union on January 1st 1973. Guess what, a mutable Saturn – Neptune opposition in Gemini – Sagittarius was at play back then. Therefore, the UK’s relationship with the EU is powerfully linked with the Saturn – Neptune cycle. The UK officially withdrew from the EU on January 31st 2020, at 11pm GMT. Interestingly, that occurred under a complex septile made by the Saturn – Pluto conjunction on one side, and a Venus-Neptune conjunction on the other. This means that Saturn and Neptune were linked to each other by a particular aspect. Another point of interest is that the Brexit chart has its IC at 23 degrees of Capricorn, in tight conjunction with both Saturn and Pluto. Right now, a stern Mars – Pluto square across the 23rd degree of Aries – Capricorn is influencing the world at large. It is not a coincidence that Brexit talks for a ‘deal’ are reaching a critically difficult stage at this point.


The epochal Jupiter – Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will be influencing most of the pivotal mundane charts of our times, such as Russia, China, Taiwan and Israel. There are several organizations in the same evolutionary pot, and one of them is the EU. In Europe, Germany and the UK will be protagonists of the ongoing reformation, influenced the most by the new 20-year Jupiter – Saturn cycle. This is because these particular charts have important configurations across the first degrees of Fixed signs.

Within the 1801 UK chart, royal Jupiter is in early Leo. It is currently being opposed by the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Also, a great deal of Leonine energy is visible in the secondary progressed UK chart, under its ongoing progressed Sun – Jupiter conjunction. Most importantly, an impending progressed New Moon heralds a fresh beginning for the nation, within the next months. The amount of Leo energy in the country’s mundane astrological situation suggests to me that the Royal family is likely to undergo major changes in the near future as well. It may be interesting to note how Prince William’s natal Sun at 0 degrees of Cancer was eclipsed this year. Whenever triggering planets such as Mars will conjunct or oppose the eclipsed degree the eclipse’s message will be recalled again and again for years. In The Great Eclipse I explained how that particular New Moon will bear global resonance for years to come. Also, Prince William’s Ascendant is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius, and it will be opposed by the 2032 Saturn – Uranus conjunction. The 2021-2032 Saturn – Uranus waning last quarter is going to prepare Prince William for a significant chapter of his life.

Prince Charles is profoundly connected to mother Queen Elizabeth via many powerful synastry contacts. His natal Moon at 0 degrees of Taurus conjuncts his mother’s Sun with a very tight orb. Charles’ secondary progressed North Node is now conjunct the same degree, and so is Queen Elizabeth’s progressed IC – Chiron conjunction. Her progressed Sun is currently at 1 degree of Leo, on a tight square to the progressed IC – Chiron configuration. A progressed Jupiter – Neptune opposition acts over the 23rd degree of Aquarius – Leo, with Neptune particularly close to national Saturn in Leo. This highlights the fact that important developments may soon involve the English monarchy. The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is now becoming exact in early Aquarius, therefore activating all the Fixed signs’ early degrees. In particular, this represents a major activation for the synastry between the Prince and the Queen.

Prince Charles’ progressed Moon is currently in alignment with natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing Jupiterian matters to the foreground. It will soon enter Capricorn, as it now stands on the anaretic 29th degree of Sagittarius. This will signify the arrival of important changes for him, which entail some degree of heightened responsibility. A lot has been going on in the Sagittarius-Capricorn transition area this week, and great influence is being exerted on Charles’ birth horoscope. The most important feature is that his progressed Sun at 5 degrees of Aquarius is currently crossing the natal Descendant. With the arrival of both Jupiter and Saturn, the next few weeks will represent the opening of a new chapter for him. With the progressed Sun, transiting Jupiter and Saturn soon entering his natal 7th House, Prince Charles may obtain public prominence somehow. Traditionally, any major planetary shift across the natal Descendant into the 7th House, represents a form of breaking out into the open. It’s like opening the window in a dark room, with blinding rays of light coming across all of a sudden.

On July 13th 1837 Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham Palace, making it the official residence of the English monarchy thereon. On that day, a tight Venus – Neptune opposition was acting across 6-7 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Interestingly, Saturn in Scorpio squared the opposition. We find the Saturn – Neptune element again and again. The Jupiter – Uranus square will be exact on January 17th across the 6th degrees of Aquarius and Taurus. The revolutionary, explosive and uncontrollable influence of the Jupiter – Uranus cycle is well known to astrologers. These transits have a ‘renovating’ and ‘historic’ signature.


It may be worth paying attention to the fact that the UK is profoundly linked with the Saturn – Neptune cycle, both at a Constitutional and Monarchic level. Queen Elizabeth II was born under an important T-Square which involved both Saturn and Neptune, Queen Victoria transferred to Buckingham palace under a Saturn – Neptune square, and the 1801 UK chart has a Saturn – Neptune square itself. It looks as though the old British establishment, ramified politically into its recent relationship with other countries of the European Union, is sealed under the Saturn – Neptune signature. Just as the British empire gave way to overseas predominance a couple of centuries ago, this cycle became significant for the Kingdom. The latest Saturn – Neptune conjunction of 2009 kicked off a long period of ‘independentism’ within the country. Right around the conception of that cycle, the UKIP was gaining prominence. Now that we are approaching the waning semi-square of this long cycle (exact on January 20th), we are witnessing another conclusion of facts, which heralds new beginnings for the country. The course which the UK will take is hard to define, but what seems to be evident is that the nation is likely to undergo major change, both from a political and monarchical point of view. Astrology suggests that a transition is afoot for the country, and it will affect several aspects of collective life, not only through a noisy Brexit.

Let’s embrace this long-awaited planetary shift with open hearts and compassion!

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Astrologically speaking, a buildup of otherworldly energy is currently influencing the world at large. The recent Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius has kicked off a new chapter of elevated ideological reformation, through its Neptunian – Jupiterian signature. Moreover, the eclipse in question preceded the very important double ingress of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius. The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction has been within orb for months, but it will be exact at 0Aquarius29, on the day of the December Solstice. This obviously makes the upcoming season quite significant. For now let’s stick to the big picture. We can look at the Capricorn ingress of the Sun after making a few important considerations about the outer-planetary landscape. The last time a Jupiter – Saturn conjunction occurred in Aquarius was in 1405, roughly 600 years ago. These conjunctions swipe through the four elements of the zodiac, and each element phase is completed with a rhythm of roughly 800 years. This means that we are now re-rentering the Airy phase of the Jupiter – Saturn cycle, though a short window was opened by the conjunction of 1981 in Libra. Every conjunction is obviously important for the world at large, but it would be wrong to consider such events as ‘unique’. Jupiter – Saturn alignments occur every two decades, but several reasons actually turn the current conjunction into a special one. The Mutation towards the Airy season of this grand cycle is a significant consideration to be made. Also, we have to consider how significant it will be for humanity to be ushered into an Aquarian world after the deep Capricornian impasse which as affected society at large in 2020. With the Jupiter – Saturn cycle transitioning from Earth to Air, a long-haul reassessment of ‘material achievement’ is left behind, and a period of ‘ideological’ reformation starts.

With both Jupiter and Saturn going through Aquarius and squaring revolutionary Uranus in Taurus during the next months, it is quite hard to envisage 2021 as a year ruled by fear and inactivity. Also, idealist Neptune is currently squaring the Nodal Axis, adding a high level of mutability to this complex astrological picture. We should not be surprised if a great deal of popular excitement will affect the world at large during the next pivotal months. After all, Neptune is not to be seen only as ‘ethereal’, but deeply ideological too. Under Neptune’s most significant transits, humanity feels the need to find redemption, often engaging in unprecedented upheaval. Society fights for mass-oriented ideals under the influence of utopian Neptune. It seems quite obvious that the current astrological landscape is not only influenced by the now ‘famous’ Jupiter – Saturn conjunction, but by an entire constellation of epochal planetary configurations which promise that a historic revolution will accompany humanity across the 2020-2030 decade.

Read more about this in Saturn-Uranus Square: the World Changing ; 2020 – An Extraordinary Turning Point ; Planetary Awakening of Lightforce.

We are now entering an ‘uncharted’ chapter of our lives, and many layers of society are soon going to be engaged in widespread ideological battle. The bottom line is that humanitarian issues will come to the surface once more, and humanity will finally be urged to deal with them constructively. The culmination of ‘freedom-oriented’ dynamics will occur in February, under a powerful New Moon which will highlight a wonderful Aquarian stellium made by Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Moon.

These final weeks of year 2020 represent the beginning of change for our civilization.

Solar Ingress December Solstice 2020

The Capricorn Solar ingress chart is a very significant one. It seems that we are ready to conclude this year in a unique fashion.

The most striking features are two important conjunctions which are 30 degrees apart from each other, a semi-sextile.

A superior Sun – Mercury conjunction appears in early Capricorn, representing the culmination of our need to reorganize thoughts, projects and ideas. Superior Sun-Mercury conjunctions occur when the Earth, the Sun and Mercury are in a straight line, with the Sun in-between. The Sun – Mercury cycle is one of the most important influencers of social development, because it acts as a relaying force in the relentless tapestry of the Solar System. Inferior Sun – Mercury conjunctions occur when the latter is retrograde, and therefore it stands between the Earth and the Sun. Inferior conjunctions represent beginnings, whereas superior ones represent culminations.

The already explored Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is also pretty tight in the Solar Ingress chart, and it is placed a semi-sextile away from the Sun – Mercury superior conjunction. This picture brings duality into this solar ingress chart; the Sun remains engaged in an intellectual quest for ‘safety’ and ‘solid ground’, while our generational urge to embrace Aquarian inventiveness is now made real. In simple words, change is afoot, and the shift will be quite deep this season. However, our minds are still going to be partially focused in the past, probably with many individuals still unwilling to let go of the shore and embrace the galactic quest of Aquarian frenzy. This particular Solstice picture may bring about ‘disclosures’ and ‘realizations’ which concern our well-established beliefs and values. When the Sun will transit the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction degree, it will reignite enormous potential for change. That will occur on the USA Presidential Inauguration day. It seems quite clear that the USA are going to be playing a pivotal role in this impending transformation.

Another important feature of the Solstice chart is the final Mars – Pluto square across 22-23 degrees of Aries – Capricorn. These critically important mundane degrees are likely to bring about a powerful release of raw Scorpionic energy into society. Mars – Pluto contacts can be quite rough to deal with but, if constructively embraced, they can provide us with the necessary strength to endure even the toughest periods.

The world at large is now being called to break with a static past.

Let’s embrace this long-awaited planetary shift with open hearts and compassion!

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