World News & Planetary Cycles

This project brings to you the latest news from the universe… Social trends are analyzed through the study of planetary cycles. Mundane astrology helps us understand the energies at play and identify historical patterns. By understanding our own nature we can tread into the future with confidence and trust. At all times we shall hold the awareness of a higher plan unfolding in accordance to the laws of the cosmos. Subscribe & receive the latest news with regularity. Thank you for reading Global Evolution Astrology!



Social Contraction & Expansion

What can astrology tell us about social contraction and expansion?

The UK and its Progressed New Moon

A ‘royal’ Progressed New Moon opens a new chapter for the United Kingdom

A world so changed, the new dawn…

As we go through this extraordinary historic phase, we easily come to realise how drastically can both our collective and individual lives change. I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks, barely managing to publish New Moon reports on this website. However, I should get up and running with my astrological work again shortly, […]

Busy Times…

Dear readers, I apologise for not having posted any new articles in a while. Please be aware that I’ve been quite busy with work and that in a few weeks time I will be able to get more involved with my astrological research. I am sure many of us have experienced how hectic the current […]

2021 Planetary Index

Under the current Aquarian cluster, many people are raising awareness on the critical conditions of this confused world.

Feb 2021 New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarian energy at its strongest…The next lunar month starts with the New Moon of February 11th.It will occur at 23 Aquarius, accompanied by an extraordinary alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the same sign.It seems quite obvious that humanitarian themes will reach an unprecedented climax between February and March. At the beginning of […]

A Tough Ride Ahead

A quick look at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration Astrology chart. How deeply can we see through its dramatic signature?

Jupiter, Uranus and Finance (PODCAST)

The current Jupiter – Uranus square is very significant. Are we really stepping into a new financial era?

Lunations and Planetary Cycles (PODCAST)

Why are lunations important? How can we judge the significance of each lunar month?

2021: Stepping into the Future (PODCAST)

Let’s have a look at what the current scenario offers to humanity at large. What ground are we stepping into?

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January 2021: Astrology at its Wildest

Are we willing to let go of the past? What are we moving towards, as Uranus’ energy roars into collective life?

UK, Brexit, and COVID #2

The course which the UK will take is hard to define, but what seems to be evident is that the nation is likely to undergo major change.

Jupiter meets Saturn, moving towards Solstice

Jupiter – Saturn conjunction in Aquarius & Solstice. These final weeks of year 2020 represent the beginning of change for our civilization.

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December 2020: the Cosmic Shift

The Aquarian or ‘Uranian’ times which we are now approaching are likely to bring initial destabilization. Every new beginning is obviously shrouded in anxiety and uncertainty.

Uncharted ‘Aquarian’ Territory

After a year of Capricornian ‘dismantlement’, we are rapidly shifting towards Uranian times.

Saturn-Neptune and Politics

The global ideological landscape is clearly influenced by a complex resonance of cyclical trends. Analyzing planetary cycles.

Neptune Moves On…

We have been through very thick fog indeed. In multiple spheres of life, the Neptunian glamour may have manifested in its most unrefined form.

Neptune vs Uranus: Redemption or Revolution?

After a long period in which deep Capricornian ‘conservatism’ and ‘traditionalism’ have been heavily exposed, a great awakening lies ahead.


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