A Place of Power

What is going on at the White House? Let’s take a quick look at the powerful astrological configurations which accompanied its early days and how they are getting activated now…

On November 1st 1800 the second President of the United States of America moved into a new residence, a building which remarkably stood out from the red-colored neighboring constructions. It became known as the Executive Mansion, until President Theodore Roosevelt adopted the official name “White House” in 1902, a century later. The planetary positions of November 1st 1800 are descriptive of the prominence which that very site has acquired over the course of two centuries.

Teddy Roosevelt was born on October 27th 1858 under a tight Jupiter-Neptune square across 21-22 degrees of Gemini-Pisces. Interestingly, the same Mutable degrees emerge once more from our study of American History. Just to remind the reader, the USA Independence Declaration horoscope of July 4th 1776 carries a Mars-Neptune square across 21-22 degrees of Gemini-Virgo. Most presidents carried important natal planetary configurations across the same degrees of Mutable signs. Donald Trump is one of them, as he was born under a Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse which opposed Uranus in Gemini across the very same degrees, obviously. Astrologically speaking, he does have a STRONG natal connection with his own country.

The various kinds of synastry which link every President’s birth chart and the nation are indicative of the purpose and reputation every one of these leaders gain historically.

Similarly, times of unrest or great change and development for the US have occurred under major planetary stimulations of the very same areas of the zodiac.

It was still unfinished, but president John Adams moved into the White House on November 1st 1800, under a Taurus Full Moon which widely conjoined Mars in the same sign and opposed Neptune in Scorpio.

The next night he wrote to his wife:

“I Pray Heaven Bestow the Best of Blessings on This House and All that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under this Roof.”

Encyclopædia Britannica – The White House
The White House – November 1st 1800 – Noon Chart, Geocentric, Placidus, Mean Node – SOLAR FIRE v9.0.26

An interesting feature immediately stands out: a Mars-Neptune configuration is closely related to the White House nativity. As explained in another article, The Dance of Fire, this peculiar combination of two very different archetypal forces is not something unknown to the United States. In fact, such theme has been quite prominent lately; we have been witnessing an eruption of the incredible force which such configuration can awaken among the masses. Obvious political divergences have been affecting the current situation of particular unrest which is attracting the global attention, yet an underlying combination of archetypal forces has to be identified here, and this obviously has to go way beyond mere political opinions and divisions.

Astrological analyses must always try and remain objective, in order to become meaningful and helpful for our understanding of history and society.

Mars, Neptune and the Cycle of Glamour

Historically, the national Mars-Neptune configuration, which is interestingly reflected in the White House first Presidential settlement’s chart, has been indicative of the nation’s way of vowing self-righteousness when it comes to international disputing. Pretty much everybody is aware of the fact that the country has been almost continuously engaged in some military conflict or at best diplomatic dispute, either internally or externally, over the course of its life. The country has been and will continue to mediate in most localized disputes across the globe. This is why, from an astrological point of view, it is extremely important to consider the cosmic weather which accompanies the US at any time in history, as it still keeps its role as the leader of global affairs, after all. This planetary combination is evidently linked with the act of tenaciously following a particular ideal. In its way, and under ANY Presidential direction, the country has been fighting for “redeeming” principles, which have resulted in various ways, including prosperity, such as the liberation of Western Europe at the end of WWII and consequent economic funding, or the complete militarization of vast parts of the globe. Mars is fiery and combative, while Neptune allows it to elevate its own purposes, making it a “herald of justice”. On the other hand, the same planetary force applies to the great level of artistic achievements which have been carrying the American signature; some of these particular phenomenons of uncontainable creativity and idolization are Broadway and Hollywood. Their images have carried away countless people, building intense idolization around specific cinematographic figures. Similarly, the States have brought out the so-called “Guru phenomenon” across the highest phase of the Social Revolution of the 1960s-70s. Controversial figures such as that of Pattabhi Jois, the father of Ashtanga Yoga, or Rajneesh, known as “Osho”, emerged quite powerfully. They were and are still “worshipped” as semi-Gods, though they became the objects of uncontainable scandals. In line with the Mars-Neptune signature, those scandals were of a sexual nature. Mars-Neptune configurations are in fact known for their glamorizing and often controversial effects, because they put a physically-oriented aspect of human life in close contact with the immaterial realm of Neptunian idolization! In the same pot we find Joe Biden, who is currently navigating his campaign as a “redeemer” with an unresolved scandal behind; not surprisingly, transiting Neptune is currently right on his natal Piscean IC, or Lower Midheaven, while Uranus is opposing his natal Mars in Scorpio. Though his inner motives may be quite positive and well-meant, when Neptune gets in alignment with the natal Meridian axis, one’s position among society becomes tainted by confusion and oftentimes renunciation.

With Mars-Neptune aspects, the imperfections of the Flesh meet the flawlessness of the Gods, in a never-ending battle between humanity’s outer needs and the needs of Spirit. Again, wherever Neptune gets involved, it is quite hard to define who is right or wrong…

What does this all mean for society at large, these days?

What emerges from the current psychological picture of society is that the Mars-Neptune sense of martyred fighting is being ignited on either sides of the ongoing battle, meaning that both the population and the institutions are currently playing the role of “victims”. Many people will obviously disagree with this brief, and still incomplete explanation. What we need to understand here is that potent archetypal struggles are demonstrably linked with processes of multilateral projection. As explained elsewhere in this blog, Neptune’s realm is a hall of mirrors, because its cycle links us with confusion and blind idealism. The underlying racial issues which have accompanied the US for quite a long time are now reemerging, under the stressful action of the powerful Mars-Neptune conjunction. The immense level of social disparity is closely linked, at least archetypally, to the historic facts of slavery – again, a Mars-Neptune issue. The current Mars-Neptune conjunction will be exact on June 13th, and it will trigger the national Mars-Neptune square across Gemini-Virgo, under the third quarter of a lunation which has definitely wreaked havoc all around. We can expect that June 13th and 14th will be very important days for the US and the rest of the world.

Saturn, Uranus, Order and Chaos…

The upcoming Mars-Neptune conjunction, which has activated powerful feelings of social dissatisfaction ahead of its own exactness, is not the only indicator of the situation which is unfolding in the States. Currently, Uranus is transiting across 8-9 degrees of Taurus, coming into exact alignment with the White House’s Full Moon. Astonishingly, Solar Arc Directed Uranus is at 8 degrees Taurus as well, describing an underlying, long-term revolutionary influence is sitting around the White House affairs. For those who do not know much of astrology, Directions are a predictive method which requires that the whole astrological chart be “rotated” of roughly one degree per year.

The cycle of Uranus is known for its revolutionary and iconoclastic tendencies. Uranus likes no order. The Government obviously does the opposite, because it is its job to represent structure! Here we understand how the current astrological weather is activating a long-standing dispute between two basic, yet hard-to-reconcile, needs of society as a whole: structure and freedom. Historically, when one of these forces “takes over” the other, there is social unrest, and consequent repression. It is the fight between two opposites of the human nature, without any of them standing higher than the other. As if the planets appear to speak so literally, the White House has been fenced, after a series of violent eruptions have occurred around it. Maybe those barriers will remain in place for while… Astrology helps us understand something important about this all.

This “existential confrontation” will most probably be the predominant theme next year, as Saturn and Uranus will come to an extensive square in Fixed signs. This is not a matter of small importance at all, because the two planets will form exact configurations across 7-13 and 11 Fixed degrees, in February, June and December 2021. Those very squares will consequently stimulate the White House Sun-Moon-Jupiter configuration repeatedly. The configuration might awaken further extremism all across the globe. We have already seen the effects of those infiltrations which are accompanying the ongoing peaceful protests, and how they have been tainting the image of those who rightfully want to uphold humanitarian values in front of a much-needed law-and-love balance.

The upcoming Saturn-Uranus square will represent a major element next year, and future articles will be focusing on its meaning for us all. All around the world, there will be lessons to learn and changes to be made after a year, 2020, which has initiated an utter dismantlement of social and economic structures. The main theme of the upcoming Saturn-Uranus interplay will represent the fading of an era, with the squares initiating the last quarter of their combined planetary cycle.

Hopefully we will manage to quickly achieve the needed balance between order and chaos, or tradition and innovation, a foreseeable struggle signified by the next stand-off between Saturn and Uranus.

Cover Image: The Oval Office in 1981, during the first year of Reagan Presidency – Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain of the US

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By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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