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Considering the astrological scenario of the next few months, we should start wondering what’s in store for the Royal Family and its nation.

A few months ago I wrote about the ‘royal’ flavor of the UK’s Progressed New Moon. Now that Prince Charles’ Progressed Midheaven is reaching an almost exact conjunction with Uranus, we should start wondering what’s in store for the Royal Family and its nation. To add more significance to that, transiting Chiron is going to be conjunct his natal Midheaven (13 Aries) quite soon. In January I specified how Charles’ Progressed Sun entering the 7th House, together with transiting Saturn and Jupiter, would at some point bring him more visibility. In June, Jupiter will station retrograde in the zodiacal area where national Pluto lies. This may prove to be an important astrological event for the nation. Last year’s Solar Return of Prince Charles (November 14 2020), cast for London, shows the Midheaven in conjunction with national Uranus, while the Ascendant is conjunct national Chiron. Return Mars is conjunct his natal Midheaven. This whole tapestry of astrological patterns emphasizes his social status and carries a Uranian/Chironian energy with it. There seems to be a sudden release of energy connected with this. We are looking at the symbolism associated with a profound healing experience for him, something which is linked with his parental connections, as well as his public stance.

This year, Queen Elizabeth’s Progressed Midheaven is at 26 Aquarius, and it squares her natal Meridian axis. Due to a natal T-Square, this brings Directed Neptune, Jupiter and Mars into an alignment with her Meridian axis. This means that the next months have the potential to carry enormous significance in her life, with events affecting her position in the world at large. Her Progressed Moon has entered Aquarius, reaching the degree of the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, while her Progressed Ascendant is conjunct Venus in early Cancer, an area still quite sensitive to last year’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Her last Solar Return, which occurred soon after Philip departed, shows an important repetition of her natal angles. It is worth remembering that her 7th House Leo Moon had been eclipsed on January 31st 2018. Philip passed away when Saturn crossed the eclipsed axis this year (11 Aquarius/Leo). Saturn will cross that degree again twice, as Uranus will keep on squaring it from Taurus. There are multiple facts which suggest this may be a pivotal year for Buckingham palace indeed.

The composite chart between Charles and his mother shows a prominent Sun-Chiron-Uranus square across 11-13 Aquarius-Taurus. This is highly resonant with a lifelong empowering, yet potentially reactive connection between mother and son. Those very degrees are being powerfully stimulated by the current Saturn-Uranus waning square. When Saturn stations retrograde in less than a month from now, the emphasis may reach a peak.

Camilla’s chart, according to the reported time of birth, has similar angles to those of Charles. Her next Solar Return shows a prominent Chiron exactly at her natal Midheaven (12 Aries). In her Progressions/Directions we find something which strongly resonates with Charles’ astrological situation. Her Progressed Midheaven has reached a life-changing conjunction with natal Uranus in Gemini. Not only is this suggesting important developments which may affect her place within society, but it also refers to her partner Charles. Uranus co-rules her Descendant, so the basic symbolism here shown suggests increased visibility around her partnership. This is further emphasized by transiting Saturn currently going through her natal 7th House, as it squares transiting Uranus in her 10th. The amount of Uranian connections here outlined suggests an element of ‘suddenness’ within all this.

Months ago I found the 2021 Spring Equinox chart for London quite interesting. It shows Jupiter conjunct the MC at 19 Aquarius. That is also the degree of Prince Charles’ progressed Mercury. The latter rules his progressed Midheaven which, as I mentioned already, is now minutes of arc away from a conjunction with Uranus. The UK’s 1801 chart is showing Directed Chiron at 10 Cancer, in partile conjunction with the national MC, symbol of Government and Royalty, opposite the national Sun in Capricorn. The country is in for a deep rediscovery or reassessment of its roots, tradition and future path, especially if we consider that transiting Chiron is squaring the whole configuration from Aries.

Within this whole astrological scenario, the next two eclipses will fall into Governmental houses. The Lunar Eclipse of May 26th will fall in the 4th, whereas the Solar Annular one of June 10th will fall in the 10th House. The first one will highlight the Queen’s natal Angles. It is worth mentioning that in late May Mars will transit the 20th degree of Cancer, which was eclipsed in early 2020. That was when the country’s aristocratic 10th House Moon was last eclipsed.

I would like to add that the national Progressed New Moon mentioned at the beginning of this article will carry a ‘royally mystical’ Jupiter-Neptune flavor. There is a sense of dissolution infused with idolization here. The Progressed New Moon will fall at 16 degrees of Leo, in partile conjunction to Prince Charles’ prominent 1st House Pluto, co-ruler of his natal Scorpio Sun. Interesting to see that his harmonious, quasi-devotional IC-Venus-Neptune conjunction forms a sextile to that natal Pluto. There is feminine energy involved, roots, ancestry, a great legacy is symbolically transmuted here. One may wonder who and what the New Moon will put into the spotlight. Between now and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024 a large window of change opens for Buckingham palace. Maybe such royal developments will occur in phases. We don’t know yet how these planetary energies can play out.

One question seems to arise naturally, considering the amount of astrological noise here explained. Are we going to see further news coming from the Royal Family?


By Stefano S.

I've been researching astrology for almost a decade. A profound scrutiny of the human psyche is undertaken by looking at cosmic configurations; this provides the groundwork for any observation of the global trends which affect society at large. Fascinatingly, astrology tells us about the underlying resonance which exists between the pulsating vibrations of life on Earth and the interactions occurring in the cosmos. For a long time I've observed and searched for proofs of what drives the uniqueness of life on Earth; I do not look for answers any more, I just admire how evolutionary shifts reflect the relentless, intricate dynamism of the cosmos

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